17 days to upgrade incubator really


This is really bad 17 days. I like playing game but if I keep going higher and they keep doing this I will leave.

170 eggs really how is that far and fun


:wave::wave::wave::wave: than


Lvl 8-9? 22 days minus research?


Might as well leave now. It gets worse as you go higher. Unless you want to pay to play…


I miss those days when main island buildings were so “quick” to upgrade… I’m passed the point where storage takes more than a month. Fortunately it doesn’t get worse than that.


Oh, dear… then I have just done my last 10-day upgrade :sob:



Yes you did :joy: But see for the bright side, if you have been investing on 5 or few towers, soon they will take even more time than storage :sweat_smile:


Eventually storage will become a “quick” upgrade again…when compared to 57 days per defense tower :joy:


As gloomy as it seems, I am not scared! As the current weather (:cloud: gathering) suggests I won’t be able to get that far in the game :blush:


Just wait until you get where I am, where it nearly takes two months before research to upgrade the incubator and breeding castle :unamused: I’m only 226 right now, so I have to hit lvl 300 before I can do my next upgrade…


they really need to re think this one


They have speedups for a reason :smirk:




On a serious note.
PG reduced the frequency from 1 in 4 weeks, to 1 in 3 weeks.
They should shave 7 days off the build time for main island infrastructure.

EDIT: Oops, ignore me. I missed this one:


They also returned it to 1 in 4 weeks though…


Lol wait till you get a lot higher lvl



Well, I see I’m about to be screwed as well. :sob::sob::sob:


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What is pg