194 & 330 LFT saph 1|2


Me and a friend are looking for a new team to join, the 194 is me, im in emerald tier and should be obsidian in 2 breedings.

The 330 player is in vanguard and should be breeding his first mythic vang next breeding event.

Both bases have 5 maxed towers for their level, and both have def riders with legendary gear. We both score well on events, and will be able to hit the last team archivement every time.

We are looking for a team thats able to hit the last team archivement every event, including pvp’s. Preferably in sapphier 1 or 2

Looking to join right after feeding ends.


Please apply for bendtheknee1 if you want to join. Thanks


Outlaws are looking, pm leadership! Saph1 team


shoo all he joined me :hugs:


Yea, apologies I forgot to close this post. Thanks for invites.


@moderators :point_up_2: :eyes:

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