1st event of next season


Any ideas on the first event of the Winterjol season?Fight pits or Breeding maybe? :thinking:


Well, they said they moved back to the old cadence. So Fort->PvP->Breed->PvP.

So the next one should be a PvP. And since this event was going to be Fight Pits instead of Fort, I assume it’ll be Fight Pits.




Wasn’t it breeding after fort


I guarantee it’s either a major or minor event :smiling_imp:


Chocolate didnt adhere to tradition by “accidentally” spoiling the event. #VeryDisappointing

I’d guess breeding followed by Fight Pits but who knows



What’s the usual cycle here, you seem to have a lot of useful data on this topic usually…


The Pits followed by Breeding would make sense…

…so it will probably be Feeding followed by Fort.


@PGChocolate what do you think the next event might be?


What other kind of event is there? :rofl:


I think that was the point. I found it funny


Its like a dejavu when this Season started. Everyones guesses and wanted a PVP first event, then it was feeding. :man_facepalming:
It seems we did not learn, eih?


Has to be PvP.

The old cadence was one Breeding and one Fort every 4 weeks, unless occasionally when a Feeding was slipped in, which spaced Breeding or Fort out to a 5th week. (I said occasionally, trolls).

Since they used Feeding to pushed this week’s Fort off the 3-week cadence and onto the old 4-week cadence, they won’t play that card again, and they need 3 events (excluding Feeding) before the next Fort, to stay on the old cadence.

It will be: PvP --> Breeding --> PvP --> Fort
and not: Breeding --> PvP --> PvP --> Fort


I think it will definitely depend on how these discussion end :point_up_2: :man_shrugging:


The cadence thing I’m going to be posting isn’t event cadence. It’s “what PG is focusing on doing for War Dragons over the course of the year, broken down into phases” really. Events aren’t on the doc at all, sorry. (That’s not to say that nothing event-related is happening in 2019, just that the specific sequence of events isn’t outlined there.)

Vanguard player gets the tier for free?
Vanguard player gets the tier for free?

Chocolate seemed to think it was really obvious. I’m sure she said you should be able to guess several times. My best guess is that means Fight Pits, but maybe something else is obvious from within the PG bubble.


Should be breed


I need Breeding :heart_eyes:


Unless the new 4 week cadence is fort, breeding, pvp, pvp … repeat, I’m expecting it to be pvp, breeding, pvp, fort, which likely means fight pits as first event.

But if the forum yells loud enough for breeding, pvp, pvp, fort, breeding, pvp, pvp etc, then i’ll guess they might get what they wish for.


Feeding, every season begins with feeding /s