1st event of next season


Fingers crossed for breeding. I need to make some babies!


Tbh,I don’t care which event will be,just want new season to start ASAP )


I think it should be a new pvp where you chase down unknowing dragons and wrestle them down dress them in drag and call it bohemian rat party while blasting Queens we are the champion


Ugh, why would it be breeding?
They’re suppose to be putting it right back to the 4 weekly cycle of events
Fort > Pvp > breeding > pvp > fort etc
(& maybe that dumb feeding event to replace a pvp once in a while)


I would love to be breeding, but I’m okay if it’s pvp. And breeding the next :eyes:
Waiting to get Hau!!


While it will have been 4 weeks since breeding, at some point they need to regain the separation between fort and breeding… So I expect Fight Pits, Breeding, the PvP that shall not be named, and Fort.


I was thinking the exact same one of the two


They have been trying to mix it up so nobody knows what it’s going to be


Doubt this season since we just had it though


Hope after gotten all feedback, they can come up with both breeding and feeding.


In one event?
I hope not…


Better save those food packs ocra :joy:


Sorry meaning what?
This answer sounds very abstract… or is it just me?


Same here, just start the next season already! :rofl::rofl:



1st event of the new season is… :drum::drum::drum:


Old cadence (4 step), new cadence (3 step), back to old cadence (4 step) - problem is any cadence there was is presently busted. Breeding would respect the 4 step (breeding every four weeks), but that would mean 2 minors in a row and would result in fort in 3 weeks time (assuming minor - major - minor - major holds). If its pvp followed by breed, then it will have been 5 weeks between breeding events. Either way, the cadence is not on point and diversion will be necessary to get it back.


It should be PVP… last event was supposed to be pvp… but everyone’s bitching and crying had them change it… new season should start with pvp… breed… pvp… fort


Totally agree


You were so close to 25 likes I had to like it :+1:t3: