1st event of next season


Thanks guys for the replies :wave::love_you_gesture:


I watched the whole video but I still don’t know what the next event is …


Just loop it for another two days… Guaranteed to work!


Like alot have said should be pvp then breed, or they didnt change back to old event cycle.
Considering how they have messed event cycle before I wont be surprised it feeding or any other crap event.


At what time creation faction declares next event?


in about 30 minutes


It’s the Pits, according to wardragons.info.



Pits only makes sense


@PoseidonPQ :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Official Unofficial Announcement: This week’s Fight Pits event has been postponed. We will be having another feeding event




This will spark a bigger riot than PG scheduling fight pits when should have been fort this week. Two feeding events in a three week period is ridiculous. And only because PG screwed up by playing with cadence mid-season. They should pay for their mistake and let us start season with a pvp.


Psst. He’s joking. It’s still Fight Pits.




Doh! Tho I wouldn’t put anything past PG.


Please change it to Breeding instead of FP


Please don’t. We’re finally back on normal cadence, don’t go messing it up again. Also breeding is a shit event for chests, pvp is much nicer in week 1.


:roll_eyes: Won’t you give your love to Lorenzo?


Please no Breeding yet :pray::pray::pray::pray: keep it Fight Pits