1st event of next season


Nooooo. You get an extra week to collect tokens, use it wisely :upside_down_face:


Yeah thats exactly why i dont want Breeding yet :joy:


I don’t know about you, but I don’t pay money, I know higher levels basically require it but FP will be a waisted event for me. I’m not sure why others don’t like breeding as first but how about a different event?

Was my this event called Money Pits by you before?


I’m probably most well known for being a very active elite only spender, only second to being known for grinding out egg tokens haha. So i’m definitely in the boat of needing egg tokens, only gathered 375k since last event and need to get to 450k for the dragons i want :slight_smile:

Breeding first or second in a season doesn’t matter since both count towards the discount dragon period. Breeding second in this specific instance is much better because it corrects the event cadence back to:
Fort - PvP - Breeding - PvP - repeat

I didn’t call it money pits, it’s probably Poseidon that did. Or Lutrus. But it’s all about which team can spend the most money on megacoins near the end of each round, nothing else.


I’m gonna “waste” some tokens this breed doing lokan plus another 80k to get extra 4 eggs…

Not enough to do opes and extra for eggs…


I know this isn’t the correct topic but I don’t see the need to make an entire thread for my question.

Can you explain what the badges mean?

  • Gameplay Faction
  • Creators Faction?
    What do they do and how do they get that position?

Somehow I’m under the impression that GPF is just normal players that got beta privileges or something along those lines?

Creators faction, do they actually play the game?


I’ll state what my knowledge was prior to joining the group as an avid reader on the forums. Anything below is what a general observer of the forums could determine within reasonable means.

GPF (Game Play Faction)
Consists of only PG invited members. Members are selected for various reason, but most involve extreme knowledge of various specific aspects of the game (breeding, tower combinations, flying, economics, etc). Topics are typically related to those same topics (dragons, towers, spells, stuff like that) and can be either PG asking for feedback on something, or players asking to discuss topics of their choice.

Basically, they are a smaller group to do a back and forth with to work out details rather than putting an idea on the general forums, having 800 players all give an opinion, then everyone runs around in circles and nothing gets done.

FWIW Link: Gameplay Faction formed!

CF (Creators Faction)
Also a PG invite only group. I believe that they are responsible for content creation (let’s fly videos, showing off the game, strategy videos, new dragon rollouts) as well as general game advertising on social media (tagging stuff with hashtags and war dragons) to help promote a following. I don’t think there is any limits or restrictions on what type of content they create, but from what i’ve seen its typically posters and videos, but i’ve seen a guide here or there :slight_smile:

I think that all members of both factions actively play the game and were chosen keeping high activity in mind. However i’m not sure how they get vetted over time if members suddenly drop off in activity or leave the game or take a few month hiatus. I’m sure @Arelyna and @PGCrisis have more information on these groups, and are free to edit this post as they see fit to remove bits that I may not be able to share. Just keep in mind that all of this information is very easily realized with a bit of forum reading; all i did was compile my thoughts prior to joining :slight_smile:


Good info. Thanks


My poster for this was a parody of the movie “Money Pit”. I never heard it called that before, although I have heard Wallet Wars…




Not only we are back on old cadence, but token boost should be working that week :star_struck:


30k pts for final team prize! Thanks PG :partying_face:


And what dragons do you want? I ask because I assume you selected your path based on builder hut eggs, and I am starting to plan my harbinger road…


Estril & Rajin this event.
Sanguis next event (8 harb eggs) with part of Wydrian
Wydrian & Balahm event after (7 harb eggs)

At least that’s the plan right now


Nice! Thanks for sharing


Can anyone tell me now that we know it’s Pitts, if someone changes teams during the treasure hunt phase do they still get to participate in the event?


I would say no you wont


It would depend on team quest status but it would probably be wiser to wait it out until after event at this point.


You can’t participate or contribute in team things, if you switch after event start - and treasure hunt running means after event start.


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