1st Rider After 4.20

Ok, so prior to 4.20 I know the consensus was that the first rider you needed to get was the defensive rider. However, since the benefits no longer affect the entire base and I think most of us don’t want to restructure our bases to include the 2nd perch, which is the 1st rider to work on? Is it still a good idea to go after the defensive one, or something else?


I/m curious about this too. I’m new to Atlas and have tokens for my 1st rider. I look to your (collective) wisdom.

Get the defensive rider. you can still train it up and get skills like resource production boosts, construction time reduction. An additional 12% construction time reduction is totally worth it. for a level 51+ tower that equates to approximately 155 hours of speedups you don’t have to spend.


SO i have hired a rider and have been attacking with him to gain gp, but I have gotten nothing. Is it only granted for attacking in PVP and I can’t earn it attacking poachers?


Correct. you can also gain glory during Kingpin events which are PvE.

I don’t think the consensus is to build a defensive rider. It’s always been to focus on your vanquisher (hunter rider)

What rider to pick comes down to your resources. If you spend money you can buy the 100 pack of rider shards and get them all. I wouldn’t bother trying to put armor on more than one though.

If you are one of the bases that are usually determining a war win, you might consider the defensive rider, but there should be newer better defensive riders soon, so if you were going to focus on just one you might wish you had whatever new defensive rider will exist.

If you have to choose, I still think the offensive rider is far superior. If you can do both, by all means. Leveling these riders won’t be as easy as you are expecting probably. And that won’t hold a candle to getting good armor and leveling it.

On armor I would recommend you first just craft a full set. Then keep crafting until you increase all gear to epic. Once you have epic gear you can start leveling it or trying for legendary. Anything below epic isn’t really worth working on. You need roughly level 4 epic gear to pass the stats of the seasonal armor (max rare) - although each piece is a little different as to when it becomes better.

And as I’m sure someone pointed out already, glory is only created when troops are lost/consumed (Which right now pvp is locked out)


Why do you think this when:

This was my who reasoning for my comment about why I thought the consensus was to go for the defensive rider. In your opinion, why do you think the offensive rider is superior when the defensive option also entails receiving a production increase and construction decrease?

there’s honestly no consensus. It’s choose your own adventure. I chose to get both defensive rider and hunter rider and have them both in their mid-40s with skill sets that are truly beneficial to the dragons/perches to which they are bonded.

Defensive rider was a better first choice for me because I have a tough time collecting the expedites necessary to build up my towers. My dragons are waiting for my base to catch up so I can break them into a higher tier. The expedite boost is the best part for me.

@EidolonRM prefers the hunter rider as first thing to acquire because hey, when DON’T we like a stronger hunter? It doesn’t mean he’s wrong.

My preference is to have both. You should too if you like flying hunters.

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You’re right, consensus is the wrong word. How about if I just say the guides I read offered up this advice.

fair rephrasing.

I’m curious which guide you read this from.

I’ve heard overwhelmingly to go for dragon vs base. But I also think if you have resources to do both, by all means.

It really only matters when you can only do one or the other. If for example you were free to play and every rider shard was a battle to get, you should spend on one or the other.

My comment is more about when you can’t do both. You can read my original response and I did say if you can do both you should.

It’s about your resources. Do you spend? What level are you? If $100 for a shard pack doesn’t sound like a big deal, you should do both. In fact go for all 4.

FYI it takes shy of 400 to max a rider, and getting glory to max is by far the harder part (unless you spend a rediculous amount of rubys)

Again, I’d you can do both, by all means. But you may have a rude awakening to see how slow your progression actually goes.

This is like leveling a dark flak or building a second. Your resources get better returns for one much stronger rider than 2 riders from the same amount of resources. If you have the resources to do both, by all means. You probably still won’t have the construction buffs a month later if you don’t spend heavily.

I think in this game any base can be beaten, but it’s more useful to your progress to have stronger dragons. The same reason you don’t want platinum dragons at level 250. Being able to take more bases in War, hit higher in events, and have easier resource targets in matchmaking… whereas unless you are either currently competing in endgame (you aren’t or you wouldn’t have this question) or aren’t the one base on your team that in Wars gets you the win because it’s difficult to take at your league, then I think stronger dragons are always better.

The construction buffs are really nice, but Its going to be a while before you get those. And it’s not as much improvement as you would like…

Thanks for your response, it was very informative. I tried to look and see where I got that information about building a defensive rider first… I have read so much these last few weeks I actually have no idea where I saw that. I know I saw it a few places, regardless you gave very good arguments why someone would build either or both.

As for me, I’m level 105, 113 after next fort, 121 the following, etc. Following something similar to Mech’s base design with my front 5 currently maxed, the construction reduction sounds incredibly appealing, particularly since I’m trying to level as quickly as I can keep up with my dragons; my reasoning being platinum isn’t competitive enough for me but I hear there aren’t many 105’s in Sapphire.

So I guess what my real question would be is what people think about the production boosts now that the defensive boost isn’t as relevant anymore. What I get from you is that it takes a long time to get those boosts to be worthwhile anyway and you prefer the offensive boost. Very well related too, thank you.

*Edit - I didn’t mean to hit send yet.

You said I probably wouldn’t have the construction boosts after a month, but with heavy play, how long could I expect to earn the boost?

You need your defense rider to be level 21 to start getting construction buffs unlocked if you make the most direct path on the skill tree. At level 21 you would be able to unlock 1% construction time reduction.

The glory isn’t as bad as I thought, it takes just shy of 3k glory to go from level 20 to 21. (Level 2 is 400) - but to get the bonus you want you will need to to be 30+.

Glory requires troops. Factoring in recovery (an extra step) the maximum potential glory is about 3.2 glory for every troop you lose. Worst cast with recovery it is about 1.6 glory per troop I believe.

Daily troops would need to be constantly built. A typical player may queue about 1600 troops per day, but it’s possible to get 2400, which requires you farm 2.4m gold per day to keep that going.

Add on to this that if your team wants land you will need to either build troops for it daily or if you get lucky and can just grab some then you will need to build troops to defend it… and you will lose some of your gold to fund your team infrastructure.

Add on to this that at your level you would typically have trouble getting anyone to attack you with favorable losses and glory. And your best and only primarch will be the fighter until you have spent enough gold and glory on it to level it up to level 5.

I don’t know how the environment will be with all of the platinum teams joining, but hopefully it will give you a bunch of more equal targets. When I joined it was only teams that make my team seem small.

All in all it could go faster than I expect. You may have to use your defensive rider as an offensive rider to get glory faster. But there are a lot of additional chores that will make achieving this goal hard to focus on.

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