1st round ended early


The first round ended early. I was in the middle of a Mega attack. I lost everything I spent for the mega coin and 3 inner fires. Plus, our team was about to take first, but the amount of players we had whose attacks didn’t count were outnumbered by others whose did and we fell to Sixth. Can anyone from 5PG help? The event rankings are now skewed and I am not happy about what Imspent and lost.


There’s 2 clocks, the round clock and the energy clock. The round clock lasts 6 hours, energy resets 15 minutes later. We were never told of the break between rounds, but there’s extra time built into the event clock.
Edit, 3 clocks counting the one on event island…
Second edit… looks like Attacks that ended after the round ended carried over to the next round.


Nope. Attacks did not carry over.


Sorry then. Looked like they did. Saw several teams appear to start the round minus points, didn’t figure anyone would be mega attacking at the start.


And I was wrong, the round doesn’t last a full 6 hours, more like 5.45. Energy resets every 6.0 hours. But the 3 clock thing is right. Round time doesn’t agree with energy reset.


The round clock governs the timing of the round - and the round ended just as the round clock said it would. My team only looked at the round clock as did all my league and no one had any issues.


The clocks I had said a little more than 15 minutes remaining in the round. But maybe you’re all geniuses and I am stupid. I think if a round is going to be 5.45 hours and not 6 it needs to be announced. I don’t understand why the complete rules weren’t announced. Seems if this was an intentional non announcement of how the rounds would work, then the Gamezdevs were being pretty dirty. I read the rules thoroughly before hand and saw no mention of a 15 minute break between rounds or anything that would indicate it would not be a fight for the full 6 hours.


Sorry, all I see is you read the rules before the event started, then once it did start none of the 50 people on your team looked at the round clock in more than 5.5 hours.

I fail to see how this is PGs fault


That’s a fine looking high horse you got there bud.

Well let’s get you a prescription and explore why it is PG’s fault:
Firstly: One cannot see the round clock while looking at the team selection:

Lastly, and most importantly, PG said rounds were going to last 6 hours:

If you’re told one thing, then delivered another, its false advertising AND a lie, therefore, due to poor UI and false information, it IS PG’s error, and falls on PG to right the wrong. Everyone knows how important it is to get in supers and megas at the end of the round, and when you’re told the rounds are 6 hours long but in actuality they’re 5.75 hrs long, that’s going to affect a lot of people.


So you just called everyone on my team stupid, but since it fooled every team in my league, does that make out entire platinum league stupid? Also, maybe I did not spell this out correctly, but the clock next to the round # was a 6 hour clock. When I made my attack, it had 16 minutes and however many odd seconds I did not pay attention to. About 2 hours through round 2 the clock adjusted and finally went to a 15 minute differential. Do you understand the confusion now? And how does saying it is a 6 hour round before the event and making it a 5.75 hour timer not make it the fault of 5PG?


I’m in Platinum and my league all knew when it was ending. We closed the screen that was in the way and looked at the clock to make sure we had time to attack. Our clock was correct, not sure why yours was wrong.

I’m not going to get into an argument here. Sorry, my original post was rude.


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