1WingedFury1 - S1-- 500+

Come create your summertime adventure on:

:sunny:1WingedFury1 :sunny:

:palm_tree:Team calls!
:palm_tree:Lots of glory opportunities!
:palm_tree:Knowledgeable teammates who love to help!
:palm_tree:Competitive PvP!
:palm_tree:Chill personalities; no drama
:palm_tree:Approachable & understanding leadership!

:sparkling_heart:We have a lot of fun and grow members quickly! :sparkling_heart:

:whale:For more info: LINE: mej5023 :whale:


Bumping this… Looking for a new member at event end to join our goofy crew! :smiley:

:sparkles:Looking to add additional members to our Euro/Asian/Aussie roster! :sparkles:



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