2 3 Hr Times Purely Pathetic Apology Gift

For the sake of your player base I hope this is not your remedy of our building timer issues you guys cost everyone 5 to 15 DAYS worth of timers and you give us 2 3 hours wtf kinda sick joke is that.
Can someone please clarify this immediately that this isn’t the reimbursement for the building timer reset
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I was under the impression the gift would make up for the days of building time we lost… 6 hours doesn’t even scratch the surface

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I just got the same. But 2 DAYS later my buildings still have longer to run than they did before the update.

Totally agreed this thing is a joke

Dang, they are breaking the bank. I want to say a lot of things but all are foul words


Let me post this dammit

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Hey everyone!
The gift that people are talking about right now was for sync errors that people were receiving after upgrading towers following 4.30’s release.
The gifts for research and tower upgrades have not been distributed yet, but they will be today. I will keep everyone posted on when they have gone out.

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