2 accounts 1 email?

Not writing on my own account, borrowed a friends since I can’t get in

So today I tried to log in to WD on my new tablet. Always nicer to play on a big screen right?
First I came to the intro, normal.
Went to settings, pressed the right buttons etc etc etc.

Now to the problem; when I logged in to my account I ended up on my old one which I discarded like a year ago since I did everything wrong on it, instead of on my new one that I had for like a week.

Now to the question, is it possible that I put the same email on both accounts and now the game chooses the oldest one by random?

Tried like 6 times and I still end up in my old one.

Already spend money on Elite which sucks.

Did you save your pocket ID when you created the new account? Send a ticket in with it and see if they can help. Thankfully it’s an almost brand new account so I’d you are out of luck it’s not a massive loss. Still unfortunate however. Best of luck!

Well no, that’s the big issue. Thought I could make it work by sending an email to myself, resetting the password, but it still logs into the old account.

Thx ^^

Yeah it’s important. Curious though, not sure what you could have done so wrong on your previous account that can’t be fixed?

Why don’t you log back in on your old device and if it loads the correct game, create a pocket ID for it. Then put that into your new tablet?

Haha. To many crappy towers/ballistas, leveling every dragon to max, not upgrading towers, building to the end. You know, normal rookie mistake.

Thought I would give it another chance by starting over and learn from my mistakes.

Well, if I still would have had that tablet I could have tried but I had to trade it in in order to get a new one.

I suspect you haven’t created a pocket id for your new account. Do you remember if you did?

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Honestly I don’t recall. Your so used to it being there and as long as I was on the same tablet…

Suspect that’s the issue then. If you had tried to make a new pocket id you wouldn’t have been able to use the same email and password combo. Now I haven’t tried this so can’t confirm 100% but I would be very surprised if you could. That also means support has no way to help you recover your new account unfortunately.

Damn. Ohh well. Good thing I didn’t go to lvl 60 before this happened lol

Unless you happened to take a screenshot of the login/logout screen of your new account? There is a long number on there (not sure if it is also on no pocket id accounts but I vaguely remember it was). That number may be able to be used by support. I cannot confirm though.


I tried that and you can’t create two accounts with same email id in this game. So I would assume that the new account is lost.

If you for some reason screenshot the about page and saved that screenshot on a different device, you could ask support if it can be retrieved from that, but it doesn’t seem promising. At least it was at 60, so you’ll know even more the third time around :tada:

You could still try to submit a request via the portal here as well, just don’t expect too much :slight_smile: .

Your account might not be ruined, obviously I can’t see it but under lvl 60 not sure how much harm could be done

You sure? Feels like I messed up quite a bit compared to the other guys at the same lvl in my team.

But at the moment I’m in contact with Support and they might be able to fix it ^^

Hopefully they can fix it for you, but even if you made your base too long can still shorten it. And probably not high enough lvl towers with a long base to have doomed yourself. Missing out on this past season might hurt though (if you missed out on this season).

Why is leveling dragons to max a bad thing? Asking for a friend. :laughing: I know Im off topic but just wondering

Guessing because of the feed event. Which is whatever especially at that level.

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Pretty sure they mean not identifying which dragons are just breeders.