2 accounts, level 4xx & 3xx looking for active pirates team

2 accounts, Lvl 4xx & 3xx looking for active pirates team


Language: English
Time Zone:
Played time:
Age Range:
Elite Account?: Yes on both
Dragon Roster Includes: UVS, Meglok, Narlith and Naja for one account. The other includes Gig, Gunnar, Kullecid, Galgrim and Hildr
Highest Lineage Dragon: Jormungandr for the big one and Sanguis for small account. Big account should have Tuktu next breeding event.


Two accounts level 4xx and 3xx, both flying Vanguard (big account will fly empyrean next breeding) are looking for active pirates team. Team that can get 8/8 team bonus at least for minor events.

Have you found your active team? If not, we’re active but we have seen some drop in players, could use new blood!
At full roster we’re in platinum, but have now dropped to gold, due to player losses…

If interested please DM ingame


My team Arvidia is currently in Gold III Furious Jorns and we started a month ago. We are really active 24.7 due to time zones. Even though in our description, it says ‘chill’ we have a lot of very active players. Our TEAM MAIN REQUIREMENTS are that you activity level is above inactive, (unless excused) and you have MORE THAN 0 points in an event.
I have a some experience up my sleeve. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to me in game @ GoddesArtems

Maybe ,i cant promise. Fell free contact with line :blush:

PS i can accept only 4xx if we can love each others :two_hearts:

we are a bit small because someone hacked us and kicked everyone out.

Everyone is literally ignoring that OP is looking for Pirate teams precisely XD

Although looking for the pirates with 8/8 team reward is way too optimistic.

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I was just noticing that lol.

@xCAPTxAMERICAx gold 1 pirate team WeLive4War. Can’t get you 8/8 team prize but we have a good time. There are no minimums or mandatory requirements. Join, have fun, burn down atlas. Message me if you’d like to.


Sadly, I can’t recommend my own beloved team because we fit neither description (we do hit 8/8 on Fort but have castles)

That said, we did encounter a pirate team that whooped our entire league’s ass in PvP (including that other pirate team that whooped ours in the pvp before that). That team is Splatswolfpak and they might be the home you’re looking for. No guarantees on the 8/8 team prize.

I am practically shooting myself in the foot for this. =.=;

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Fourhorsman is a pretty good pirate team. Have some friends on that team.

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Hi mate, thanks for the offer. I’m looking for pirates team as I’m focusing on gp, and do not need to worry about retaliation. Other thing is my accounts always play together.

Thanks for the info mate. Last event I’m in the same league with them. So I know, how they win the pvp even. Will check on them.

Thanks for the info mate. Was in the same league with them last pvp. they rank second in the event. Will check on them.

Hey there🤗 Drachenwacht is looking for new players. If you‘re still looking for a team, message Ani in game.