2 dark flaks or 1 dark and 1 fire flak?

Hey guys! I’m thinking about whether to build a 2nd dark flak to put at the front or should i build a fire flak and swap with ice turret place. I really appreciate any suggestions from yall

If I had enough embers for another flak, I’d probably go for an ice flak on the back island.

Like @Morreion said, do an ice flak. Fire flaks aren’t that great, in my opinion. I don’t see them much on people’s bases, either. :woman_shrugging:t3:

:thinking: can you build 2 dark flaks on one island?


You can put 5 on one island if you truly wanted :woman_shrugging:t3:

Oh lol :joy: my bad. I just realize its not possible

I thought you can build only one kind of flak on one island.

Somehow after the buff fire flak give a quite high damage than ice flak🤔

Luckily you mentioned about this lol. Then i’ll build 1 fire flak for my kill island

Does it?
I need coffee. Last couple posts I keep making spelling errors. :woman_facepalming:t3: And other errors lol.

Yup. It gives enough damage combo with dark flak

Hm, I didn’t realize.
I’m now grabbing a cup of coffee… will be awake

Fire flak in place of Ice turret is best option imo. But I would suggest to wait, considering new base meta coming up with update 4.20.


Id replace a lightning tower with an Ice flak… Specialty towers (Flaks and turrets) are more useful than standard lumber based towers.

I’ve had a dark fire flak combo for quite a while it does very well… fire has a longer range which is why you don’t want 2 darks


With recent DF resisted dragons and future expectations of seasonals, i wouldn’t recommend 2 dark flak towers on a single island.


« Attention »
To all here, you can only have ONE of each type of Flak tower per island (group of 5 towers).


LoL good reminder.
I think people are thinking of DF in front and back of long island :man_facepalming:

Interesting. I did not know that you couldnt have 2 on one island. What happens when you try?

The fire flak is a lot better than some people give it credit for. It has the most powerful base damage in the game at the moment. And right now there is only one or two dragons out there that have a resist to it (unlike the DF which is losing effectiveness to many dragons with resist). I think the reason that the FF gets a bad rap is that we were already committed to our DF when the FF came out. It was “too big to fail”. Only those of us who use handfuls of $100 bills as toilet paper could afford the embers and timers needed to discard their DF and immediately level up their FF to take its place. Thus there aren’t very many high level FFs out there. Where you do find them though, they will stop you dead.

Well man, i think the Fire Flak can be a great addition. I vote for the Fire Flak and swap the Ice Turret with it.
I have both towers (Ice Flak and Fire Flak) and you immediately see that the Fire Flak deals more damage. However, for me, the true strength of the Ice Flak is its supershot. Too bad that the supershot has short range (similar to that of the Fire Flak). The Ice Flak can be a great addition later in the game.
Remember, upgrade only your first 4 towers (Storm / Blue / Red / Dark), as much as possible.
I would wait to see the contents of the next Patch. Let’s see if there will be substantial changes to the towers, after which it will be decided. For now my advice is, WAIT. Dont be hasty, you may regret :wink:

Ps. If u will build a Fire Flak, upgrade ONLY these towers ( Dark Fire Flaks / Storm / Blue Red Mages). Only these 5 :wink: For now, focus on your main 4 towers ( Dark Storm Blue Red).

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