2 dark flaks or 1 dark and 1 fire flak?


I was having same dilemma with new Ice Flak. Decided for Fire Flak due to higher damage and nice SS (reduced damage of dragon). It works well. On my alt account I have higher Dark and Ice Flak combo and it’s also effective. Puting Ice Flak back is ok but needs experience in defense. If you put it next to Dark Flak spells like barrier on Necryx will be cancelled…


Cant and will not be. But dont take my word for it. Try it if you can have 2 flaks of the same kind in one island.


And for the fire or ice flak, with the kind of OP’s setup, i would rather have a fire flak.


I saw somewhere the damage of ice flak is actually bigger than fire flak as the frequency it shots is higher. Right?


I would NOT build a second flak unless you have enough embers to get both to level level 50 right now. Otherwise you may end up handicapping yourself.


Fire flak. Ppl underestimate it. 3rd most powerful tower, and there are good runes for it now.


Whats the 2nd? :thinking: i was under the impression ice flak deals nearly just as much overall dmg as fire when utilizing its full range but still less and have to sacrifice with special ability able to disable all spells at the start of the island. This is manageable though and in the end can be decided on with personal preference.

Agreed that its underestimated, or was, word getting out now. Was thrilling to those discovering the significant impact that both dark and fire flaks provide at the front of a long island or boosted by perch on a short. Im building all 3 flaks for either front mid or 2nd perch islands. Still deciding lol since ice flak can be lvl 1 on a short island.


Fire turret is still 2nd most powerful in believe.

I use ff behind df on short island… Usually goes they hit storm or mage, then df, then they’re dead from ff.


I would agree but idk with its primary rate of fire being so slow. From the point of wind up to when fireball lands, even assuming special fires first, i would imagine fire flak has time to fire around 3 more rounds during this time frame. Nevertheless they are strong :muscle:


Yep… exactly why I use ff instead of turret on my kill island! :wink:

My base is level 148… defended I have taken down level 240+ and I would have to say the ff does most of the heavy lifting.


Ok ill kill this topic now, you can only have 1 premium tower(same name) per island(or per segment in the case of a long island)


You must have missed post #4 lol


I’ve tried, it says you’ve reached the limit


@Recramorcen Already answered 15 posts above, and nothing about premium anything, this is a Flak tower rule. And unfortunately it didn’t kill the topic either.


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