2 de Inês available

I read the announcement that Sage and Fazendinha were available. Yet I checked on them and it still says unavailable. What is up? What do I have to do?

Sorry I put in Fae and auto put in Fazendinha. :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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They’re seasonal divines which supposedly will no longer be available ever again. Not a promise tho. Anything could change. At this point not seeing any signs of possibility of bringing old divines back.

So the War Dragons blog is incorrect? Thank you for letting me know.

Perhaps you can post the link?

It is wardragons/blog/95/spring-season-introduction. I just put in Spring sigils and it came up under War Dragons for is and Android.

Sorry ios

Make sure you look at DATES of blogs.

Also this season is call Springveil Season, not the Spring Season.


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