2 event glitches

I have 2 event glitches.
Number 1, are not getting my chest. I get the when flying but they are not there when done. Shows I have event prizes when I done.

Number 2, my egg token count is way low now. I am getting red tier amount when I am in Gold.

Please fix, it is not right I am missing my chest and getting go low of my egg tokens.

Are you talking about silver chests?
Runic chests in the silver chest’s spot for this event, you will still accrue silver chests, just can’t open them until next event.

For the egg thing, mind posting a screenshot?

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There’s this glitch that happens sometimes where a bronze chest is shown as a prize, but it never quite makes it to the armory. Instead you get a permanent red dot on your individual event prize tab with the number of ghosted chests. I think I’ve had up over 40 before.

No, I know we can not open silver yet. The chest you get from a good event run and the chest you get during a run all bit silver

Never heard of that one. I have gotten the prize count mismatch back when I claimed my prizes too quickly.

Now that I don’t I haven’t seen that

That 50 is correct if no token boost from season line.



No, the number on the prize tab is from the change in prizing when the bonus meter was removed. The chests show up in the armory, although it might take exiting and reentering the the event to actually see it. 2 separate issues

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The egg amounts are correct and you’re mistaken. You can get bronze, silver and gold chest from runs.



This was shared in another thread. It might help clarify the mission token payouts for ya…

That’s what my link brings you to. :man_shrugging:

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No your link brings you to a version that doesn’t damage the readers retinas :slight_smile:

And for that I thank you


Not sure exactly what this means and maybe you have been answered already. But I will say mega coin runs were dropping next to zero chests and in the last 3-4 hours for me started going back to the 30 ish drops per run instead of like 1 or 0 (and I’m not talking about where it doesn’t display until you close the event)

What you got from flying (hitting monument) is monument drop. This one is random.

What you got after the run ends is battle result prize which has no correlation with monument drop. If you get it, this one is NOT random (following certain pattern).

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