2 games tried to squeeze in one game


Hey Pg. I don’t wanna say that Atlas is not Fun or useless, but it’s a chimera of two games. What kind of sense does leagues do if platinum has to fight on the same continent as diamond. Switching between two screens also does make a officer call with teammail useless because there is no notification. Wouldn’t it be more sense to make a event out of it? On the one hand u fight for tokens to get better dragons and to rise with your teams with wars. Combined with that Atlas thing it’s a mash up off everything. Have u really thought that through?!


It was originally an event, about 2 years ago…

they only tried it once.


I thought platinum teams would enjoy hanging out with diamond ones. Creates more moments to…bond.


@Panda Hooray for bonding. Oh wait … :boom:

@HanLecter A large part of Atlas is about building an empire … empires aren’t built overnight, and so it isn’t well-suited to a short-lived event format imo.


It’s been a vision of ours (and I think a good number of player too) to see War Dragons become more of a “world” than only being confined to your individual base. The social aspects of War Dragons are super-important, wouldn’t you agree? Atlas makes room for much more of those social interactions, whether they be friendly or heated. While breeding your dragons is still a core mechanic of the game, using them in battle is also really important, and Atlas provides many more avenues for using them to do so. We’re only at the tip of the iceberg though, there’s still much more Atlas content on the way!


@panda - bond? or bondage and subjugation.

i brought up the big team dominating all the smaller teams making it no fun, but was told I should go hide in another area. or magically get stronger and level up 200lvls to “compete”


Haha don’t think magic will get it done. It can be done but they stil need some work as far as value, balance and pace


No honestly I think it will just make a very small group happy. If we all play in the same card it is unfair to hand out diffrent amount of tokens. I guess that will bring a lot of frustration. Leagues separated them. It‘s like having war with dreadnought if u are in platinum league. I get what your intention was but I don‘t think that will work if u keep leagues plus prizes plus opening all. I still think u took a simple game that worked fine and mashed up with something that is fun but kinda very very unbalanced. I played a other game like Atlas before, but that was just about farming and other stuff. There where no leagues so everyone had the same preconditions. Like this the strong get stronger and the others getting more and more frustrated… And about bonding. The chats are in leagues so how should a gold team bond with diamond if they can‘t talk. If u open chats to all u could never have a conversation because people write a lot. To make it clear, i don‘t just wanna bitch around and I like the idea of a world. But maybe it should be separated as well that people have a chance who start or play in the middle…


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