2 Looking for a team

Looking for a team for 2 players me and my Wifes Account!

My Level is 539-Wifes level is 477 Prince and Fiercenipsap2 to not sure!


Time Zone:Eastern
Played time:5+ Years
Age Range: over 18 Lets put it that way
Elite Account?:yes we both have atlas elite and main game
Dragon Roster Includes:

Highest Lineage Dragon:

About:Well everyone knows we are sometimes assholes to folks but yea thats what ever

we are looking to go to a place that has a nice egg count and has some fun
we love to war so that is a plus!
we help and give advice to players!
we do well in events!
we do our quests!
all and all we like to have fun
i hate atlas politics period if you cant war alliance what the hell is the point in playing the game?

Reason Leaving Current Team Atlas Politics Cant war this team or that team :roll_eyes:

I like to give Trial Periods To see If i feel the team long term
Ive had issues finding the right home sadly and WE Honestly want TO

Give me a shout thanks for reading


good luck finding a team , why dont u take over a team yourself :stuck_out_tongue: and build it


like there is not enough low teams

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Ya move again??

Good luck finding a home :hugs: I would invite you. But we don’t actually war much, trying not to move up the ranks too quick :joy: (also probably way to low of a league for you) :frowning:

2 wars a day here. Get your own egg tokens. Do whatever you want in atlas. WeLive4War. You know you want to fly with me. :sunglasses:

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Also, if they join you, in 2 weeks, they can benefit from 100% glory on everyone. Just when the new short atlas season will start…

You might want to search BREADNAUGHT. There is up to you

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Interested pm me

in 2 weeks? Not 30 days anymore? :hushed: Oh my, then I have to wait only one week?!


Thank you! Classic PG, they didn’t even announce it officially :woman_facepalming:

Don’t forget to tell him about the complimentary moist towelettes!

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Oh yes! Whether you just had ribs or need to freshen up “down there” we got all the moist towelettes you need!

hope they aren’t alcohol wipes :grimacing:

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Oh man, you are on the loose again? :grimacing:

Good luck :hugs::beers:
Hope you find your forever home soon!


Did you even read my post? Join my team!


Maybe he doesn’t like you :pleading_face:


Omg :scream:

poor poor daedalus :pensive: