2 looking for atlas


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LFT – 209 talli24 / 183 missanthropy


Language: english
Time Zone: est
Played time: years
Age Range: family
Elite Account?: y
Dragon Roster Includes: borgian, axi
Highest Lineage Dragon: icicle

About: my wife and i are looking for a family friendly team that we can try atlas with. No experience with atlas yet. Short bases.


You probably better add league,which you’d love to be in)


Dragsit is in plat 2 right now and would be happy to take you in. We love helping people learn atlas and have lots of helpful information in our line. Message me in game or on here if you’re interested :slight_smile:


Check us out, I776.

Platinum 4, we have Atlas, but don’t require Atlas participation. Very little requirements. We have a recruitment post floating around…


KelsArmy are currently Plat1, and are having a shuffle at the moment so it’s a good time to apply.
Well established in Atlas, with lots of knowledge and a good wiki.
Get in touch :+1:


Try SkyAngels it’s a fun family


Have a look at ZenWarriors too, relaxed and pleasant team that gets results without pressure.


Check out Hivequeen too. We have cookies :cookie:


Jonesy I thought you quit??? Happy to see you back!
@Talli24 you can contact Ancients. They are a Plat 1 or 2 team. Really good people and super helpful. Message billy or powerhouse. Tell them I sent you! Good luck with your choice


Yeah, I’m back.

And we snagged these 2 last night. Fun times ahead!


I see double dates in your future…


You free to join us at Lonefamily


Openshot has a couple spots open. Family friendly and in p1 today.


We are looking to replace some players and will be glad to have you join our family, 123Dragon (Plat 4). Do look up on us!


Saphire 3 team valiant legends are looking atm


Checkmus out! We would love to talk to you about joining us. :blush:


We have requirements but as long as u r willing to meet themwe will consider you.

No drama
Active or high active
Follow war waves strategy (checking emails and getting in for waves when coordinated and also defending so we can win wars as a team(first wave is best near start of war time somewhere ).
Atlas- train troop, keep team min of troops, assist defending allies and our castles as requested when on; use only small percentage of troops for glory hunting saving remainder for troop building
Quests - try to do 2-3 of each days quest
Events - try for the 1.2 k sigils team prize together with our team - we got rss
Donate all your spare rss to castles when not using so we don’t lose to raiders
So much more wemtotmlists for you makes it easy as pie


I was the Leader of NagaExpress. Currently need a long break from the game and need to replace 3 accounts. We have atlas. If you know of someone else looking to join over level 150 we will take them too. Thanks and I pray you accept. Just go the the meeting hall search for NagaExpress and apply. But please reply here first. Well organized family oriented team!


By the way…they joined my team.



Hmmm … thread is still open :grin:

Ya’ll can join my team. Not because I want ya’ll but just to annoy Jonesy. :rofl::joy::rofl::joy: