2 Members LFT sapphire/plat 1 with atlas preferred 125+86

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Time Zone:eastern
Played time:1 year almost
Age Range: 25+
Elite Account?:yes on both
Dragon Roster Includes:kelvin and kaiju with season dragons
Highest Lineage Dragon:kaiju and plat equestor


My team is plat 2. Deathdealers. We’d take you. You’ll be struggling for a sapphire team though. Think it through and let me know!

Lol they used to be with us…
Join deathdealers…I recommend them - they are a very good platinum 2 team :+1::muscle:

WinterLeopards is looking for people to join our team we are currently a gold 4 team who are moving up pretty fast, we are looking for people who contribute in wars and events and are interactive. At the moment we don’t have atlas.

I already spoke to ting and we are looking at coming back… just waiting on a reply

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That would be a good choice :+1:

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