2+ very active members looking for plat team

I am looking for a new team To call home.
I am Lvl 73 gold teir dragons garnet on chimerak this season

My friend Blackhawk is Lvl 78

We are looking for a plat team to call home

Current team Housetargeryen

Please send me a message in game

I have a few more friends looking to transfer if you got room

Lvl 48 is the lowest I believe thanks

Deathdealers are always looking for good players. Message leader or officers in game if you are interested. We are in plat 2 at the moment.

How much room you have atm

I don’t know. The officers will be able to let you know.

I messaged you

Tried to find you in the team you mentioned but only found your friend (Blackhawk). We are recruiting to our team (AxisOfFire) ig you and your friend wanna join.

Just send me an email in the game (Djaerva) and i’ll send the both of you an invite. We might have room for your friends as well.

DarkChoices is looking for reliable player to add to our roster as we get back to the top. We have Atlas and will always have Atlas so expect to be able to grow faster here than anywhere else as long as you participate in the mini events! We’d love for you to apply!!!

If you haven’t made a decision yet then look no further our team happierdayz could definitely add you guys to our family. We’re currently working on moving up to platinum from gold 2. You’ll absolutely have fun with us, check us out

PM to officers.
We as a team like to help each other and grow as a team.

I’m an officer from PrimalWyverns, I couldn’t find you in game. We got place for you and your friends if you’re still looking for a team. We are platinum 4.

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