2 wave sigils discount?


Hi, no 50% discount sigils with 2 wave?
This is definitive?


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Discounts have been announced at the beginning of the season and it only concerned Gunnar and the defensive rider. If they changed it after all this time they would screw up people who have already spent Sigils on the other branches including the one which would be changed.
They already did it in the past and believe me the backslash was something among the angry players! They’re unlikely to do it again… (I hope…)




I don’t think we’ve ever had a wave 2 discount, certainly not in the past year.


Nydryr was discounted as a festive , Kirin as well


Wasn’t Kirin a discount? I can’t remember it. But he was a festive…
And infamously Grogg, the first seasonal Rider, was put on discount after his release, which caused much negative feedback…

None were technically in the “second wave” though, more like apart from everything. And PG hopefully learned from those kind of “surprise!” mistakes that makes people angry.
They now let us know what we should expect each season, even if they keep some mystery about it. It’s much better that way.


Kirin is discounted due to unexpected release.
Anuba is discounted due to growing strength.
Not sure with Nyrdyr.


Maybe because it was a Dragon created by the Community? Pretty cool in appearance, but unfortunately not a good spellset…


Thanks a lot for your answer, it is clear now so I can spend my 21k sigils in 2 wave and no matter Astrid or jarl now.


I believe they have discounted the first page of a rider before and maybe even both pages when armor was spread across both pages.

I’m pretty sure there was a festive dragon that was discounted too, which could be argued as not second wave (but not first wave either)


I think it’s Grogg (It’s listed in one page)

Also, 3 Festive are discounted


Just an advice… No jarl


Grogg wasn’t discounted when it first came out, but they did it like 2 weeks later, and refunded the difference to people who had already started/finished him. He was also a rider


Also, IIRC he is the only one with full discount…


You might want to hold onto your sigils until they release the festive Dragon, there’s no need to rush now since there’s no more discount. When all are released and you have some feedback from other players for the festive you will be able to make a very sensible choice :wink:
Also if you go for Astrid all her shards are on the first page. The second page is not worth it.


Ok untherstoud. Anyway I will try to get the mythic dragon so 2nd page Astrid will be necessary. Sorry for my English… :wink:


Second page has kick ass avatars though :eyes: I’m hoping to get far enough for at least the tier 3 avatar. I’d love the tier 4 one though, but that might be pushing it since I’m also going for UVS…

But in terms of armor, you are absolutely right. Second page isn’t worth it if you have Atlas…


:scream: crazy!!! which one? Astrid right?
tell me its Astrid before i go crazy!!!


I wonder if they will make 3 mythics x season we already have increased number by 1 to two :stuck_out_tongue: , riders overpopulating


It’s Astrid lol. The other rider portrait doesn’t tempt me at all :laughing: Astrid’s portrait is the first avatar that has even tempted me to change from this one :upside_down_face: