2 wave sigils discount?


Sometimes the festive dragon is discounted. I think it cannot hurt to wait till he is out.


True, but the OP seemed surprised wave 2 wasn’t, while it pretty much never is.

That is definitely a good idea, even if it’s not discounted you might as well wait and know all the options before committing your sigils.


i like it too. i’ll see how it’ll be when i complete UVS. Not too interested in shelling out rubies on sigil chests so i’ll get first page for sure. Rest is gonna be blank


Next week during PVP I’m opening a bunch of gold chests so my ruby stash will take something of a dip, but I think I’m doing okay on my quest for UVS. I’ll pretty sure I will be able to claim the garnet stone on Hildr this event if we get the 8th team prize (and after event prizes land) :eyes:

And I started this event by claiming the sapphire stone :upside_down_face:


i am scared but i want to hear how many rubies you have :eyes: But i have a more curious question… What’s your plan with those rubies :scream:
Also update, i hatched UVS :hugs:


Emergency slush fund :joy::joy::joy:


of 1000k rubies? :scream::scream: Sounds like whale fund :laughing:


Nah, only 234k I think :laughing:

Edit: I was wrong, it’s currently 236k…


I think Nydryr was discounted since they were one of the first player made dragons. Really wish PG would bring out more contests where players have a chance to get their very own dragon in game


:drooling_face: Mine is not even half as many as that…


Nydryryryr was discounted based on how many bases we’re defeated in certain time periods. He was discounted more at the beginning, so the longer it took you to get him the more expensive he was. Like 60% to 120% cost or something like that is what it turned out to be


Welcome to the forums! :hugs:


I thought that was Anuba’s gig… Did they also do it for Nydryr?


Incorrect. As stated above it started at a 40% discount for Aunba, then the discount decreased based on the amount of bases defeated until there was no discount. Nydryer had a flat discount of 50% for the first 2 weeks.


Ah right. Wrong festive


Got you fam

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