2017 Fall Season: Super Sigil Chests

Are these sigil chests going to repeat again? I hope they are going to make them the same as last season’s sigil chests. PG anything? Thoughts?
2 events (not counting the current one) left of the season, right?

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Seasonal sigils are just that - seasonal. Whatever you don’t use this season is presumably lost forever (unless PG wants to change that in the future).

Best to use them all up since there is no guarantee they will ever be reusable again in the future.

While good advice, you missed the “chests” part of “sigil chests” in the OP. He’s asking if they will be present during the last 2 weeks of the season, similar to prior seasons.

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Yes I did. Thats what I get trying to respond to posts from within the game lol

I hope so, been saving rubies specifically for those chests.

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Does anybody know when / if they are coming again? In the past it has always been the last two weeks of every season, which would be NOW, i guess? Will they increase the drop or bring back the “improoved Gold Chests”?

This is one of those things we can’t give a head’s up on if it was going to come out. Sorry.

It was gonna be surprise either way :man_shrugging:
Hope we get atleast one, or in fact a better deal maybe :heart_eyes:

Super Sigil Chests are now live.

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Price increase? Thought they were 4k per 10?

5k last time as well.


Same Dropchance as last season?

I got the worst super silgils chest drops. Spent 40k in rubies and all those openings and I got one 1k sigil chest. Mostly 25 and 75 sigil chests. I feel really cheated out.

I only opened 1 :man_shrugging:t3:




Dang man, that is serious luck. It’s just make me feel cheated out more. :cold_sweat:

Oh yeah, I remember chest gate now… they were more expensive, dropped the price, issued refunds, reduced the content, then raised the price and made them sigil only. And yes, I had to go back to the old forums to piece all of that info together.

I know they were 4k rubies not 5k.Only once in a weekend i remember from prev seasons that they were 5k and after the weekend passed they were reduced to 4k and everyone that purchased them recieved 1k rubies refund per 10x chests bought.
Is this going to happen this season also?