2018-2019 Winter Season Ideas!

So what ideas do you guys have for the winter season this year? Let’s see if we can give PG some good ideas.

My ideas:

  1. How about Norse mythology themed dragon?
  2. A dragon that’s should be Tengu’s granchild on steroids
  3. Better season rider gear and riders
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And yes that was meant to be all in capitals


According to the facetwitchumblrinsta stream they already have the theme determined FOR THE FALL SEASON, so there’s that.

Had to edit my post since you edited the entire flipping thread.

And yes, source was their various streams, and the cliff notes version that ForSci posted on the forums that spells it out in pretty much those words, Fall season theme has already been decided.



dragons with GOOD combinations of the general spells, not the ‘ONLY ONE FOR U’ types… as then we all can rune/glyph them with ease & how we exactly want it.

and maybe more of better warriors… :x

the summer mythic warrior should be legendary warrior in general… give warriors some luv… q.q

Do you have evidence support your claim or reasoning?


All rolled into one generic social media name

They have tumblr?

FYI, this thread is now on ideas for this year’s winter season

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So glad this was started 3 months and 1 week before the fall season is upon us

You might want to go and edit your original post then :joy: it still says it was for the autum season :laughing:


Can we at least start summer season before talking about fall or winter season? Btw’s, title says winter 2018 season, which has now passed.


Ohhh, good point! I missed the 2018 winter season bit :laughing:


Yeah let’s start with what theyve offered us this summer first and then go from there duh :roll_eyes:

Sorry. Meant the winter that’ll start this year in December. Changed the title to be less confusing

Patience, man. I’m fairly certain they’ve already got stuff planned out by now… :t_rex:

I agree to release some dragon with duel Element… better is hunter…:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

The Dragon need to attractive… otherwise, no one want him…:rofl::joy:

Yeah, confusing season names. I saw the thread name and thought didn’t they just announce the dragons for that season, but you’re meaning the end of year season not next weeks one.
Norse would be a good idea, just as long as they skip the snow overlay this year - really weird having snow in the middle of summer.

You must be from below the equator :upside_down_face: up here in the northern hemisphere, we tend to get snow around Christmas, assuming you live in a place where it actually does snow :laughing:

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Yesterday was the first day of Winter’18 Down Under :yum:

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Off topic
I don’t know if there is an island below equator (other than Antartica region) which has snow…

On topic
More futuristic Dragon (why only Wydrian? We, lower leveled players, want to have a taste of it…)
Or cuter dragon (More pink / flowery dragon please!)

Google search says it snows in New Zeland.