2018 Summer Season

What do you guys think that PG should do for this year’s 2018 Summer Season Dragons?

Lets see what spring has in store first


OKAY, but let’s think ahead. Why not give PG some ideas for the season after the spring season, eh? Not to mention it would help to see what some people have in mind because the spring season divines are probably already being picked


I’d hope the spring divines are completed by now… I’d like to see them before making wishes for summer, honestly.


True, it may seem a bit early to discuss the summer season divines for this year. But it’s better to plan ahead and see what people have in mind. PG could probably find someone info that they can use from this article if people contribute lots of ideas :wink:

So does anyone have any ideas then?

Fruit themed dragons. A fruit bat. A flying pineapple. A banana with wings. I wanna see a base get owned by a floating bunch of grapes with one eye on each grape.

Oh and sparkles. Because now that’s a thing.


1-bar sacrifice, time shift, sand, and estril’s resist (forgot the name). Please and thank you.


Ooo yes… a hunter with adaptive resist, havoc (or talon frenzy), dessicating sand, and cloak.

Now THAT would be a dragon worth having!

Oh, and can it be the discount dragon too?

You can call it the Nerfinator… or Nerf bait? Nerfinius? Hmm…


There, fixed, it, perfect :wink:

I’d buy it, which is saying a lot for me.

I’ll accept that edit! Sold!

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Keep the talon frenzy in there. It is very useful.

IMO, a hunter isn’t a hunter without a way to heal. I doubt they’d go for elemental barrier or frenzy again so soon as those are “uniqueish” spells. An adaptive resist is something new, mixed with some old spells.

I agree. Healing mark can be runed very well. I like sand. Cloak is a must. Adaptive resist would be interesting to see the mechanics of. But the ability to sand a tower then hit it with a burst of extra power from talon frenzy would be awesome!!! :heart_eyes:

If you sand it, you don’t need a burst of power. Let your ammo build up and burst shot it

True. I guess people would cry OP if it could sand a tower then have a burst of high power shots. It would be a high hitting dragon.

I win button, cure poison, ballistas And storm resist pls


Only if it shoots rainbow sparkles. Or rains Skittles like beastmode and has a little word bubble periodically saying “taste the rainbow biatch!”


I hope more cute looking dragons

I want a tank of a warrior. I have allot of great hunters