2020 Summer Festive Dragon Deets

When will we get them?

Why must they be released so late compared to the other season options?

That’s not much later, just a week… They did the same when the release was scheduled in the middle of a holiday period. If they need an extra week to be sure it functions as intended, we shouldn’t complain…


Best of luck with that. :smirk:

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(when next season pg releases the festive earlier)

This is so boring! We’ve got like 6 more weeks of this season to go and nothing new is coming out!


I believe it’s following the same cadence as previously :thinking:

I understand your opinions of “we shouldn’t complain.” But, I’m a complainer, what can I say? It would be nice to know what we’re getting at the beginning of the season. I get people will complain about nothing in which to look forward, but there is a new proceeding season in which to look forward.

It’s very frustrating wanting to gauge resources but being unable to make any decisions until the information is released. If it’s name was partially teased, it would seem there are details out there. Can we at least get a class type?

And no one has yet to answer the question. When will we get details? The day before the dragon is released? The week before? If you really want to increase anticipation, and excitement, release more info.

Besides the boredom thing, which I think is huge, It probably helps them pace their work to release things in phases not all at once. And they seem to not finalize content until the very last minute, so anything released early would be subject to change and thus a poor basis for decision making.

I don’t usually agree with withholding info just because there’s a chance of uncertainty and people might complain if something changes. But with dragons the uncertainty seems very high and small changes can make a big difference between OP, viable, and useless.

Edit: anyway, it’s typically the week before for partial info and the Monday or Tuesday before for full details. Is there a reason to expect this pattern to change?

We did know though, we knew what lines we’d be getting, when they’d come out and how much they would cost. Dragon details are always given the week of release.

Once the discounts are done, if you think there could be a chance you’d go for the festive then there’s nothing to be lost by saving your sigils and waiting until then.
Most likely it will be a hunter if they continue with their two of each class cycle. I guess it could be an invoker but we dont have a legendary hunter yet this season. It’ll cost 34.5k sigils to finish and it’ll have 6 season keys. We’ll find out the official info for it either next Monday or Tuesday

They dont release future dragon info at the start because the future dragons arent finished at the start of the season nor have they been tested.


Nothing they have told us about anyway.