2021 Community Ideas Poll Updates

Hi all – alright, circling back with some updates about the 2021 Poll: Top 10 Community Ideas thread that we launched in December. I will be sharing with you the current status of things – with the scope of this thread being: what PG is working on this quarter (Jan-March/April).

  • Open Multiple Chests at Once - We are in the middle of testing this and we are somewhat confident that this will be implemented this quarter, hopefully sooner than later. No timeline that we are ready to share yet, but I can say that we are nearly finished testing.
  • Allow for a “real” trading post - trade resources for other resources - While we appreciate this idea, this is not something we can commit time to right now. Mostly because we are unsure of how it will affect the economy, which needs a major overhaul anyway – by adding some new factor to the economy, that makes overhauling the economy much more difficult. There is no timeline or goal in place that has this idea existing as a priority.
  • Rework Chest Contents - This is another issue affected by the underlying economy work we are doing. Until we get the economy all sorted out, we won’t be looking at Chest Contents.
  • Reduce Temple Raid Guardian Grind by Raid Button/Auto Resolve - We are actively working on this now – and it is part of our Q1 Initiatives (our current quarter) – hopefully we can get this implemented by the beginning of April.
  • Introduce a glory-based Atlas event in lieu of the Primarch event - This is one of our top Atlas priorities for this quarter!
  • Scale Atlas Rider Mission Payouts per token balloon upgrades - This is not on our road map, currently. Again, likely affected by general economy overhaul that is ongoing.
  • Atlas Defense Banner - More Info - This is a low priority task for Q1 – which means that it’s on our list, but there are a lot of things that are higher priority than it for the team working on it. When we do get to it, the update will likely be part of a larger Atlas update.
  • Improve catch-up mechanisms so new/growing/casual players have incentive to keep playing - instead of buying/trading accounts - While we are not working on explicit catch-up mechanics, we are working on features that have shown to keep new players around longer – like better team search and communications functions. So, yes we are working on this, but this isn’t the route we are taking. There are no plans to work on “catch-up” mechanisms right now.
  • Remove Kingdom Wars permanently from PVP rotation replace with old KOTH - Investigate KOH - The first part of this is done, KOTH’s return is a low priority investigatory to-do, but we are launching the new event, Crystal Caves, as a replacement.
  • Find a way to reduce Atlas Stagnation (allow us to get to hiding teams without bubbling noob teams that can’t fight back) - Super high Atlas team priority for this quarter.

So, those were the top 10 Community Ideas, while we can’t get to all of them for some of the reasons I mentioned, we are able to hit many of them. Of course, we had our own ideas for 2021 - so here’s what else we are working on this quarter and beyond:

  • New event, Crystal Caves
  • Event performance live testing protocol
  • Improving support for engineering (leading to more stable gamestates)
  • Reducing hits to our servers, in hopes to reduce lag
  • Revamping Rider design to make them more interesting strategically
  • Customization features/new dragon skins

And more that I can’t touch upon just yet. With regards to above bullet points, do not ask me to expand upon those – when I’m able to, I will. As per usual, everything is subject to change without warning, but this at least gives you an idea where our heads are at right now!


Woot! A pity we won’t have it for this season start yet, another 10.000 chests to open 10 by 10, but at least it’s coming!

Yessss looking forward to that one. Love Temple Raid but after the first dozen temples they do start to work on one’s nerves…



A couple of questions/thoughts:

I know that this is still in the developmental phase, but I am kind of curious on what this would entail at a high level.

I really would suggest doing level up rewards instead of scrapping this goal. Make them fairly heavy in the early game (like every level at the start) and get sparser and more just an extra little benefit when you hit a major milestone (like say getting to level 500). The reason I say this is twofold:

  1. I have played games that front load “free” resources, and they make the progression way smoother. It helps players get up to speed and helps keep interest in the early game instead of feeling overwhelmed and like you can’t ever catch up or compete.
  2. I was actually part of the A/B test for War Dragons level up rewards when I first started playing, and it was super motivating to get rewards for leveling up. I actually at one point leveled up my base during breeding just to get some extra egg tokens.

Seems a bit odd that it could be added for atlas but it’s difficult to add to the main game since it’s already an existing feature. My fingers and phone screen are very sad that it wont happen in time for Spring.

As for the Economy stuff, so when is that going to be addressed? It just seems like many LONG time requests get rejected because their effect on the economy is unknown yet absolutely no economic improvements are really ever happening. It just seems like PG is willing to test out stuff that could hurt the economy on the player’s side on a whim but tiptoes around anything that could benefit players or even removes/reduces them. They’re sure not apprehensive about increasing costs every single season without balancing it out with increases to prizes or drops. Seems like the balance is we’re basically just told to work harder


I was so hoping this would be in place before new season.

Opening 21k chests is gonna suck :unamused:


Ie: rider nerf coming!


Atlas and the main game are built on different tech stacks. Atlas being web-based, and the main game not.


While this would be a great quality of life improvement for this event, it would have the unfortunate side effect of further encouraging and rewarding sandbagging, which is a real problem for this event (see the current TR thread).

Until sandbagging is addressed, IMO, this should not be released. As it is, only a handful of teams in each league are claiming the supercharge bonuses, leaving the event as a mindless treadmill for the rest of the teams. Please address sandbagging for this event first.


Hope this will all resolve the economy issues

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Dude i am done running 15 minutes of each island :sob:


Soooo is the economy being looked at? Didn’t really see you mention it on your list other then the fact it’s a problem


What exactly does this entail?


With respect @PGGalileo, I don’t think that “catching up” with level 600 players is the main priority of new players.

Yes, it should be possible over a reasonable timeline, but the MAIN ISSUE is that (as mentioned on other threads) there isn’t much to do in the game until you get to Gold league and above.

…that’s a big problem.

And, I totally get why we’re not talking about it. Most of the players on the forum haven’t been in the lower leagues for years. They want the game mechanics to be fixed, and they want their “near end game” experience to be enhanced.

But…new players start out in bronze, right? So, if we want to attract, encourage, and keep new players…then regardless how long it takes them to catch up, their initial experience should be as fun and addictive as possible.

I apologize to people I’ve bumped into on other threads, because I am becoming a broken record - but maybe if I say it enough then people who can do something about it might hear me.

  1. Improve in game chats (you’re already in my in game newbie chat and can see for yourself that there is a demand for this). Help new players find the social core of the game, and make it easier for players to locate like minded players in game.

  2. Make wars more engaging and more costly. A new team might actually stand a chance at growing if they could declare wars against established teams, wager rank points, sling shot themselves to platinum to unlock atlas, and then fall back a few leagues while they grow.

  3. Encourage casual players. Bring back Ruby elite and allow players who can’t/won’t spend to earn rubies (slowly) by watching ads or (quickly) by paying for packs.

Again, I know I’m new and I’m sure these suggestions have been made before - but I love this game and I want it to help it grow.

Good luck to everyone this week with the fort event :blush:
-Brew :beers:


Thanks for the detailed updates all of PGs proposed solutions sound really promising.

The economy has been a big issue for a long time and its an issue all games need to manage.

Does the team have any thoughts on the state of the economy and from which angle they might be tackling it from?

Most games do have a genuine bona fide trading shop and they manage it by limiting transactions. I.e. 5-10 transactions per day. Trading posts help to manage some of the RNG issues players experience.

I wonder if a similar approach would work?

You could cap 1-2 swaps a day and then review the economy after a season. If its too strong or too weak then it could be pulled or increased.

A trading shop that only pops up on the rest day between events each week might be a fun intermission.

Slower and more gentle economy adjustments might be appropriate to get “something done”.


I know nothing about programming or building/running a game.

I hear a lot of talk from players and the occasional PG Employee in regards to not being able to touch the “legacy” game that was acquired. There also being alot of work arounds to put in something that they as the owning company would like to do.

Can I ask even though it (to my understanding) would be a colossal undertaking. As you as a company own the ip, could you not recreate the game using what does work and redesigning or reconfiguring the code of what doesn’t, transfer data across to the new platform and relaunch.

I am guessing this hasn’t been done as it would not be cost effective/ extensively time consuming. I always just have wondered if it was ever an option.

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I’m lucky, only 9K chests to open lol

always playing it safe :+1:t5:


sorry if this was covered but are we still getting Runic Chests and can they stay like the rest. I don’t want to strip my Dross of his runes/glyphs after all the work he did just for Ikaros? First mythic btw and f2p

I do believe that you actually have to make it up to S3 and stay there for a certain length of time to get added to Atlas if you don’t have it already, but @PGGalileo can correct me if I am mistaken. (I’ve read so much information on these forums that sometimes it can be difficult to keep facts straight.)

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It used to be S3 but if I remember it is now moved to P2

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Did it? Hmm, must have missed that. Too much information on these forums over the past 3 years. Everything is blurring together :rofl: