2021 Community Ideas Poll Updates

S3 → P4 at the beginning of the last two atlas seasons → nominally P2 now

… always subject to change …


lol I think I can relate, as I play 3 accounts, but not sure - it seemed like every time I checked your team had claimed the supercharge. You guys were definitely busy this event.

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Insert excited screaming! Although it doesn’t seem like we’ll get it in time for the first two weeks of the new season based on this, I’m so excited to see it’s in the works!

Love this! It becomes an exhausting and annoying task after the first two days. I do hope you’re looking at other factors such as scaling points per league to deter sandbagging and possibly putting a cost in this like “X” number of energy or must complete a set every 24 hours to unlock free ones. Just something since this is one of the only ways you can earn team points and it should still be somewhat activity based.

My maxed prims thank you kindly.

Bring on the caves! :sunglasses:


Yeah looking into the economy… A letter from the community anyone?

Maybe I would still play if the pace towards endgame wouldn’t be so high. I like the idea of a catch up but as a normal Player you will always fall behind.

This seems promising


Seems good, @PGGalileo is it possible or been discussed for the player to be able to choose what wave 1 lines are discounted (max of two obviously) like I like BB being discounted, but I don’t always want another dragon, or would like the option to choose what two discounts I get. Not sure if it can be coded that way…like once you spend sigil from two lines, those are the discounted lines and the other lines are full price?

Personally I would just like the option to choose 2 between BB, Dragon, or Rider from wave 1.


Now I know why atlas lags so damn bad seriously web based?? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I read this as … “We know you are tired of your useless junk, but we’re not ready to see what the impact will be on our bottom line and profits by letting you recycle all this crap away.”

The fact they are punting on this is a BIG disappointment. In my opinion it’s something that needs to be done ASAP.

If you’re worried about what the implications will be on the economy (ie your profits) … make it open to only 1 thing at first… like say Fire or Ice Shards… see what the response and impact is, then allow more and more things to be traded until everything is in the trading post and you guys can anticipate what will happen when it becomes recyclable.

I think it would be safe to say that ALL PLAYERS WOULD BE HAPPY to have economy adjustments delayed if they could get the trading post up and running with all the currencies in there first.

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I read it a bit differently, more that since they already recognize that the economy needs an overhaul (and it seems like the economy team understands that and is working on it maybe?), it doesn’t make sense to make changes that affect the economy and would be irrelevant once the overhaul is completed.

Also the fact that actively changing the economy while another plan is being put in place is not only counter-productive, but could also make the analysis required for the overhaul more difficult to complete.

I’m not saying my understanding is correct, but that’s just what I think Gal is conveying.




The top thing should be the Lag in atlas battles. Can’t have a battle. Can’t move primes. Nothing counts. Please fix that first before adding stuff

Care to share those ongoing adjustments?
The ones that make implementing these not necessary?


So we can expect this when? The economy has been “being looked at” for at least a few years. You’d think they were developing a model for the real world with how long it’s taking and how little they still seem to be sure of.


This was actually one of the top 10 from the poll, but Galileo decided to eliminate it and bring the next most-liked suggestion into the list since they were already working towards fixing that.

Some of those changes to come really makes me happy :smiley:

So if you are not touching the chests does it means no change to draconic for next season ?

This is great, but you need to sort out the difference in HP required across leagues to complete an island.

This change by itself will exacerbate the unfairness and make sandbagging even more attractive

To illustrate, HP required in different leagues is:-

  • 240k
  • 150k
  • 90k

If a team defeats islands to the tune of 1.2m HP, this will result in the clearing of

  • 5 islands
  • 8 islands
  • 12 islands

Meaning that for the same outlay the team in lower league gets access to more than double the number of free points than those in higher league.

An easy way to sort this is to adjust the points awarded for the guardians in each league to scale with HP required to clear an island

So assuming the 5400 points for guardians, simply scale this down such-

  • 5400
  • 3375
  • 2025

I wish there was a way to use team influence to create a pvp points penalty for large teams sandbagging in lower leagues like we have for glory percentages. Like say -30% to all points earned every attack for being a team full of 500s and 600s that dropped to platinum for easy points


If teams want to sandbag because it’s easier to win event that’s fine, but they should not be rewarded for that.

Scaling the points down is the best way to do this


Can we scale points up instead? I am in a plat 2 team and we get what 7 island maybe.
Why should we lose out on the event when realistically we are probably playing it how it was originally intended (pure speculation on that point).

Did PG really plan for teams to be annihilating the temples to this extent when designing this event???


It would work equally well scaling up, probably better