2021 Poll: Top 10 Community Ideas

These are the top 10 individual posts that were voted on. There were a couple of posts with more likes but were stuffed full of suggestions.

Voting ends on 12/21.

These top ideas will help us identify how to focus our efforts and will help us prioritize these requests. We’ll do our best to incorporate these ideas into our workflow, if it makes sense. Obviously, we can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to tackle all of the ideas for one reason or another, but we’ll make sure to communicate that when the time comes.

    • Fix early quitting
    • Atlas Defense Banner - More Info
    • Scale Atlas Rider Mission Payouts per token balloon upgrades
    • Reduce Temple Raid Guardian Grind by Raid Button/Auto Resolve
    • Rework Chest Contents, they’ve been the same forever
    • Allow for a real trading post - trade resources for other resources
    • Increase Gold Transfer amounts as you level up
    • Find a way to reduce Atlas Stagnation (allow us to get to hiding teams without bubbling noob teams that can’t fight back)
    • Improve catch-up mechanisms so new/growing/casual players have incentive to keep playing - instead of buying/trading accounts
    • Open X number of chests feature where X is larger than 10
    • Remove KW permanently from PVP rotation replace with old KOTH
    • Introduce a glory-based Atlas event in lieu of the Primarch event
    • Shift Atlas Glory calcs more towards player level/power level vs. team power. Currently it’s 50:50, should be 70:30.
    • Remove Leagues, handle matchmaking as a combination of power rank and previous event scores for the event in question. Offer correspondingly improved rewards.

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Here are the comments on those suggestions:
X chests feature

Remove KW permanently

[Atlas] Tell us where the Atlas Defend banner is coming from, if on own castle, which castle. If 5ta, maybe which member and castle?


[Atlas] Scale Atlas rider mission payouts per token balloon upgrades.


Temple Raid - Guardian Grind - Raid button / Auto Resolve.

Temple Raid used to be my favourite pvp event for quite some time, even more so than King of the Hill was. But over time it has become very repetitive and such a big grind.


Rework chests. Gold chests have basically been the same in the 2 years I’ve been playing. Games changed a lot (in terms of price) in those two years, packs and contents of those packs have stayed largely the same.


A way to trade resources for other resources.
It could be in two different tabs. One for main-game, one for Atlas

Increase Gold Transfer Amount/scale with level

[Atlas] Implement a way (shuffle or some other) to allow us to get to those hiding teams without having to bubble poor noob teams who can’t fight back.

(65 Likes) - We want your thoughts as we look forward to 2021

Remove leagues from the game; handle matchmaking as a combination of power rank and previous event scores for the event in question. Offer correspondingly improved rewards. This will end sandbagging by making it impossible


Improve catchup mechanisms, so that new/growing/off-on players are incentivized to build up their accounts rather than buying/trading secondhand accounts.


Remove Leagues

Glory Calcs

Fix early quitting

Glory-based event in Atlas


What happened to open x chests feature? That had well over 100 likes, so I know it was in the top ten.

Does this mean the team already wants to do this? Cause that would be great.

Getting rid of KW and replacing with King of the Hill was also one of the high votes. Will you let us know why certain top ten posts were left out if this was done intentionally?


If I knew it was supposed to be single suggestions I wouldn’t have made a list. I believe others who made lists w large amounts of likes would feel the same way.


We mentioned it in the first bullet point of the rules.


Question, where is the “all of the above” one?


Atlas lag is supposedly already in progress and prioritized, so it seems like a wasted vote to me.

I’m really interested in this idea of getting rid of leagues and sandbagging as long as it comes with appropriately scaled rewards for harder matches.


I’m from Louisiana we can’t read.


@PGGalileo What happened to this one?

There were some others that should have been in the top ten based on where the votes ended as well.


I’ll double check the counts from posts. Thanks!

Removing leagues was actually a suggestion? Not saying it can’t be improved (though I’m not sure how any changes would improve anything) but to me seems there are definitely more important things than league reform. Only thing I could see needed is some form of team reform due to so many empty teams in gold and what not. I would like to see gold competitive again but likely won’t happen without WD gaining more players.

And truthfully this poll is not a good representation of what people will want with only having one option to select. Several of these are much needed changes to the game.

Token missions, raid function, and chest improvements to name a few


As for catchup mechanisms, honestly I feel the current rate PG has been applying discounts (outside of some ridiculous token increases) has been quite sufficient in allowing players to catch up (not saying its without improvement as well, but if my semi active casual play can stay within a year of end game…not including abyssal and eldritch wall… then many more active players won’t have too difficult of a time) That said platinum dragons and below need some love, especially orange dragons. Token costs only need a slight adjustment, the real issue is XP earned for those dragons needs to be dramatically increased.

Oh yea and definitely for QOL allowing selectable chest claims as mentioned several times before lol.


These options have some issues. Lag is something that PG has already said they’re working on as a top priority. Some of these features are not comparable, e.g. gold transfers vs. overhauling leagues.

Also, one guy suggested 30% of the options, what’s up with that :wink:


Hey all, going to go back and revisit some of the answers - looks like we missed some of the bigger suggestions somehow. I’m going to just go ahead and do it myself this time. Closing the poll until I get it all sorted out.


Thank you

We’re already at 50% of the top 10 ideas, letting others have a chance :wink:

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Das sad how did “give us something to do on tuesdays” not get on there :disappointed:


Adjusting drop by density and bracketing it by level to begin balancing our d@m economy please!
Because it kinda needs to happen sooner than later :man_facepalming: Player retention can only be ignored so long and I’d love for that green button to be something I might consider pushing!
And until it’s viable the games economy is not balanced against its meta :man_shrugging:

Make this button :point_up_2: viable i dare you!:rofl:


Good to see we’re voting on things that should have been fixed for years. Well played :clap:


Could everyone just please keep things civil? I don’t see the need for derisive statements. If you object something on here, don’t vote for it. If there’s something you approve of, vote for it. These also aren’t the official results. Complaints are being made just to be made at this point.

Edit: can’t vote anymore, poll is closed :sweat_smile:


Welcome to the forums. I see you’re new here. :joy: