2021 Poll: Top 10 Community Ideas

Tell that to a teacher. My clients who are highschool teachers (4) and my client who is a college professor (1) all work straight through the summer. They just aren’t actively teaching.


Since voting was supposed to end 3 weeks ago can we get an update on what the takeaway is for these ideas? Are they being worked on, do we have an ETA for new features/re-work, are there some that the company has decided against doing?


Yes, we’ve taken the the top 10 ideas and presented them to the team, and the next step is for them us to start developing action plans, if applicable, to address those things.

I’ve asked for an ETA when we’d be able to provide another update to you all.


Thank you!

Well please let them know they start work on it by ranking
For example the top 1 be first then top 2 and so on :pray:

I’ll be having a meeting about this today where the team will let me know which items we can get to, which ones we can’t, and one’s that we’ll have to get to later down the road.


already know something? :grin:

I will have some messaging going out early next week, perhaps Monday or Tuesday. I want to make sure we’re around to answer stuff so not going to do it on a Friday.



Well, thank goodness the “Remove KW permanently from PVP rotation” request has been granted by now lol
And the PRT event thing also… kinda

But… Any news on other things?
cough open x number of chests cough

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He did say on the KW thread that he’s pushing to make it happen


I didn’t even know he started on this :joy: - you’re a great observer!

It was all pretty subtle to me. I thought they were normal changes.

I’ll be adding a “restore the old KW” request next time they solicit feedback …

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Ah thank you!!


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why werent suggestions taken from the existing suggestion forum and voted on instead of a new thread?

Was a new topic created or has this been posted yet?

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Haven’t seen one yet. I think PG got busy due to the KW crash.

This is correct, I will be putting something together this week!


The stated timeline should have been days before the KW crash.

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