2021 Summit Team Trailers

Hey folks!

Due to some copyright issue concerns we aren’t able to post the full suite of team trailers during the summit (we’re streaming it on Twitch and it will definitely get taken down if we leave that much copyrighted music in), so we’re posting them here!

Please take a look and share some love for your favorite team!
(No being mean to teams in this thread, please. This is a no negativity zone.)


Ours isn’t copyrighted. It should be the only one used. :relieved:


Is it possible to make a playlist of these? It’s painful to go from game forums screen, out to YouTube, then back in through game, setting, more forums, search (cos its not showing in latest) then out to YouTube again :scream:

Good idea! :smiley:

WarDragons Summit 2021 Team Trailer playlist