2021 WD Analysis: *Grinding* *Hunter Supremacy* *Useless spells* *Existence of the Orrery*

With 2022 here, I am making this thread to comment on the unenjoyable aspects of War Dragons so that PG may better their game. Now before i start i have to say that most of this is my opinion based from what i have seen and heard from in game play and other players on the forums. If you have a different opinion or disagree with a point a have, comment with some decency and respect. Also, fair warning, some of this is a little ranty.

As you read from the title, this thread will cover the meta of war dragons, including the Hunter Supremacy. But why are hunters the best class? For many reasons:

  • Their fireball attacks allow them to burst down a single target, or deal moderate damage to a group of towers. This adaptability is not seen in any other class. Combine this with their base stats of high attack and low health, and hunters can destroy any base!

  • They are fully fledged with the best spells in the game. What i mean by this is that the hunter class has spells that protect its main weakness: its low health. Hunters were the first class to be given the best spells in the history of war dragons: Cloaks, Dodges and Disables/Sands. These spells protect the dragon, stopping it from receiving damage which would quickly chew through its low health. Hunters also received great spells from other classes: One Shots, Healing, Freezes, Damage buffs, etc. All of which have low rage costs, allowing the hunter to use spells frequently.

  • Speed. Hunters are by far the fastest class. Their bursty nature allow them to quickly defeat bases. This would not be a problem, if the game wasn’t so heavily based on speed. Atlas: the slower you are the more you lose. Events: the slower you are, the longer the grind takes, or you lose may objectives (crystals), etc. Speed is too heavily built into the game, if it were not so then the other classes would see a huge step up in viability.

With Hunters being so good, other classes are just minuscule specs in the hunters’ shadow. If the other classes did not want to be left useless, they had to adopt hunter spells and play styles. But this change doesn’t make them stronger. Some of the recent warriors we are seeing are built like hunters, with cloaks and dodges, damage buffs, single target freezes. These dragons are bad! They don’t synergise with hunter spells or play styles, and they spells they have don’t protect or nullify the dragons weaknesses. Most of all, they don’t speed up the dragons flight. I began playing this game because i wanted to fly dragons. Plural. I don’t just want to fly one type of dragon because it is the only one that can be flown!

How to make the other classes better? Speed is the main issue. If speed were not so integral to play then other classes would be better!
Individual changes:

  • Sorcerers: Make their breath attacks actually do something. Like the recent sorcerer Corallae, they had a breath passive that helped them. Make sorcerers breath attacks freeze towers, or deal more damage, or debuff them. And give sorcerers powerful spells with high rage costs that do A LOT. Give them whole island one shot spells! spells that make them immune to damage and super shots for a long period of time. Spells that summon a whole hoard of dragons into battle.
  • Invokers: Spells that instantly recharge their ammo. They need these. PG started putting them on dragons and then stopped. I don’t know why. the spell doesn’t have to be a dodge, it can just reload to the ammo and do nothing else! Right now invokers are SOOO reliant on their invoke (too reliant actually) for them not to have these types of spells.
  • Warriors: Make them tanky. Give them spells to nullify damage. Give them ways to heal like crazy. Similar to sorcerers, make their breath attack to something like debuffing the towers to deal less damage, or freezing them, or healing when you deal damage. But the main issue with warriors is that they have a useless spell…

What are these even good for?
They don’t stop super shots.
They don’t stop rage drain.
They don’t stop orrery speed up.
They don’t have high health so they aren’t up for long periods of time.
They can prevent some damage, only if the above scenarios don’t happen.
Shields need to be buffed. They are one of the core defensive spells in this game, along side dodges and cloaks. These spells stop damage, same as shield, but they also stop super shots, rage drain, orrery speed up, they can’t be destroyed from having low health! They do everything a shield can but better. There are even cloaks that the dragon can use breath attacks and spells through! Those spells should be shields!
I can’t state this enough, shields need to be buffed.
Make them stop super shots, make them stop orreries, make them last for long periods of time. I WANT MY RAGE WORTH OF DEFENCE AND SAFETY! Shields are probably the worst spell in the game, and yes i am including Malefic Breath in my consideration.

But the main issue that affects every aspect of this game, is the Orrery.
How? Why is this even a thing? What were the developers thinking when the made this tower? Remember the pre-nerfed state of this thing! OH BOY! THE WORDS: BROKEN, S TIER, AND OP WERE TOO WEAK TO DESCRIBE THIS THING! Sigh Composes myself

The devs were on a roll with new tower creation. The Howi and Pylon were both great additions to the game and each affected the meta positively. They both did something no other tower did, Howi being the long range sniper and Pylon being a beam tower that healed itself. The Howitzer was probably the more impactful of the two, with it making some Dragons harder to fly as players would have to consider it. But the Pylon was a step in the direction of making beam towers better (something which has not bean continued to this day, fingers crossed the new tower is a beam). But then came the Orrery. It single handedly ruined so many spells, dragons, towers and players. The Orrery made spells that couldn’t negate its affect (shields in particular) pointless. It made dragons without dodges or cloaks useless. It out performed other shield towers, the Storm tower and Earth Flak, and mages alike. It annoyed the C##p out of players that flew against it. Finally it was nerfed…wait no…its rage freeze affect was removed. That was it. WHAT THE F##k? Did PG even test this thing? Before or after nerf? The speed up was still a thing. This tower…cries…how is it still here? After the nerf it still out competes other towers, still makes many dragons and spells useless, and still annoys players. The orrery is a negative addition to the game. I would prefer if it were removed.

But by far, being even worse than the orreries introduction, is the grind.
This is what put me off playing War Dragons. The grind for this game takes too long and the process isn’t rewarding.
The grind for a Mythic? Expensive. For either money or time. And besides, Hunters are the only long term viable option so seasons aren’t that fun to look out for. And this if they get their dragons right, we all remember strange lands.
The grind for end tier dragons? Takes far too long, with 99% of the dragons you acquire along the way being unplayable and useless.
The grind for Atlas? If you are a player who is below level 300 good luck finding someone to attack and get glory from.

These are 4 issues with the game that i think need to be addressed. The Hunter Meta, the balance and usefulness of spells, the orrery and future development of towers affecting the balance of the game, and the grind. Sorry for the long read but i feel that these things need to be talked about. Thanks for reading till the end!


I’d be curious to know what level you are for a better perspective :eyes:. More just so they know "hey, I’m at this point in the game and this is what affects me the most "

This won’t add versatility.,

I agree their base attack needs a review. But we need to add depth to the class. First off their attack moves too slow. Second damage done should be determined by how many towers are swiped. Tap one for example it will act like a slower hunter for example. Swipe a whole island you basically waste your swipe :joy:


No! This won’t make them “tanky”, it will make them indestructible until the spell wears off which is kinda what we have now. Make them
Actual tanks. Give them a “resist Flak” or some sort of actual resist that applies to multiple towers. Make them actual tanks, not gods.

I agree the ice flak killed shields… too bad.

I agree… but not just that. No dragon should solo a well defended max base. Especially not with triple defenders. Solo dragons is not what this game needs. This is a team game, or it was. The original roles of the three initial classes needs to be reestablished.


I know it won’t add versatility but it would still be more than what they currently have lol.
I like your idea where the damage increases the fewer towers you target. Yeah their breath attack speed needs to be increased, as well as their damage and health.

Yeah, this was a bit over the top and confusing. What i wanted was for the dragon to be immune to a type of damage (not all damage). I removed the “Completely” from my post. I was actually thinking of a spell idea:
Flak Resist|Active|White|1 Rage
Passive: Dragon takes 50% less damage from Flak Towers
Active: Cast to make the dragon immune to damage and affects of all Flak Super Shots for 3 Seconds. 5 Second cooldown.

Like a built in resist but better. Anyway these were just ideas, some of them may be too powerful.

And then the orrery killed shields again. Double dead.
Would it be balanced if shields could only be destroyed by ss that sayed they could destroy sheilds: Cannon and Howi?

Yeah, the game changed when wars changed. I kinda want to go back to the old way wars were done where you get a hunter or invoker (maybe) to destroy or sand some towers, then come in with warrior or sorc to finish. It would put a lot more strategy back into the game. Maybe even allow for more islands to be added, not just 8, maybe 10? Maybe islands with more or fewer tower slots than 5. There is so much this game could change if it just changed the way bases were defeated.

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Is there anyone here that remembers how amarok was back 5 years ago? That was the real “warrior”, good hp, an useful shield, resists and a cure skill. It is the best dragon tier by tier ever imo. Maybe PG can learn something looking into the past. Kinnara was a great sorcerer at his time too, same as Aphophet, good damage, great survivability. They have made some great dragons over the years, but they get too lazy to make things work properly. Unfortunately due to orrerys and iceflaks these dragons became useless with their great skills. I have no idea what to do but I feel like the game was a lot more versatile a few years ago and not so hunter dependent.


But that kind of thinking is what made the classes what they are: “just boost it”.

They have been trying to fix the class with rage based spells for years and it made the class worse… not sure rage based spells are the solution…

I would say it changed long before then… but yes

Yup… classes had a point back then.

And yes we remember… I spoke
On it earlier this week: (sorry I copied and pasted it, not sure how to link it)

PG changed the meta to be speed based which ruined a lot of what this game had going for it. Let’s look at the 3 main classes comparing how they were initially designed vs now:

Hunters leading to sneak through and kill strategic towers (not soloing) is no longer a thing which is disappointing. They are now power houses designed to solo bases if you can fly them perfectly. I don’t see that as an improvement.

Warriors: Were the tanks of WD. Initially they often had multiple resists (at a time when there were only 4-5 useful offensive towers). Early on warriors truly were tanks. They could resist 40% of the offensive towers making them hard as hell to kill. They often lacked the offensive abilities to kill much when defended but they could often still do what a hunter could just in a different way (kill strategic castles). What made them differ from the hunter is the hunter often snuck through and killed mages (making way for a sorc) vs a warrior often targeted the few towers that could harm it so the effect was different but still useful in that they would weak a base to make way for a following dragon (again not solo). All of that is gone now (hence this thread asking for a buff).

Sorcs: we’re never effective leaders (so again, not designed to solo bases), and we’re basically uselsss if a base had a few mages (strictly spell based and this was before white spells existed). But they initially were designed to slaughter any base not protected by mages… again we don’t see them designed this way much anymore. Instead we get various shields and summon things, or speed boost and all sorts of things to the point where I don’t know what the hell a sorc is anymore. Take a look at the fireball spell for example, that was a sorc spell (3 rage!) that would slaughter an entire island if the shield and red mage were first destroyed. However go use that spell now, add it as an add-on. It does nothing, it is now a useless spell.

My point is all 3 main classes at one point had a specific purpose, that worked in conjunction with the other two classes in a way that required strategy. This is no longer the case. dragons now all need to solo against defenders and do it quickly… This is not an improvement to the game. PG should go back to the basics.

If PG wants to keep the current “kill all and fast” approach then I think each class needs an overhaul, specifically to their base attack to make all their base attacks useful/viable in strategic and different ways. I can go into why but this post is long enough so I will summarize that part by simply saying warrior and Sorc base attacks are too basic to add a strategic element in todays meta which is why so many Diamond players hate them. When they are strong enough to achieve this Metas goal suddenly everyone can easily solo everyone (or the opposite is true where the dragon is all but useless).


There’s a number of valid points here but I would like to comment on the existence of the orrery. PG shot themselves in the foot with this tower. Cue Malik: “Short term monetary gain at the cost of long term gameplay.”

The howitzer and the drakul pylon were both powerful towers that brought a new dynamic to base defense, but didn’t necessarily upend the current tower meta. However, the existence of the orrery caused the following things:

  • Instant obsolescence of both the Storm and the Earth Flak. The orrery has the same supershot range as the storm, same atk power as the Earth Flak, more HP than either, AND comes with the tower HP boost. This comes after the exotic Earth Flak glyph was released at the end of the previous season.

(When they removed the rage freeze effect, decreased the projectile speed, and decreased the HP, PG staff mentioned that they were initially worried the tower was going to be too “weak.” Hilarious…)

  • Reduction in the spellkit variety. Every dragon must now have one or more of a cloak, dodge, freeze, and instant kill spell. Which in itself isn’t a bad thing, but now you have an increasing number of dragons that are similar in playstyle.

  • Put warriors and sorcerers and a disadvantage. These classes generally have less tools to handle the orrery, so the tower is particularly problematic for them.


Can’t agree more the counter to maxed base with a triple defence should be 2 followers and 5 dragons.

Agreed. The initial role of the hunter, which PGs tooltips even stated, was to take out problematic towers crippling a base for a back up dragon. It wasn’t meant to wipe out a base completely on its own with 3 defenders.

War dragons strategy is non existent. It’s just a case of choose a dragon, as long as it’s a hunter, or invoker as long as speed isn’t an issue which it normally is, then practice for a bit and wipe out max bases.

I should have continued reading the post before commenting :joy:

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If anything this would make hunters even more overpowered. Due to the invincibility shield add on. Kill blue mage, kill back howie, then have fun with the base.

There are no good or bad class. It is atlas/pvp requirement - race to 5 flame which makes these class bad or good.


When has orrery ever killed a shield directly? (the non hp based)

Did you mean multiple towers resist, adaptive resist, or combination of both?

Also, tank doesn’t always mean resist. Active spells such as Shield (explosive, Invince, Arcane, etc.) can still act as tank. Even Summon warrior is an effective one :upside_down_face:

Not literally. The orrery makes shields useless as they don’t stop the orrery speed up effect. Pair this with them being canceled by ice flak ss makes them pointless to use unless both of these towers are destroyed.

I thought it was this as it would be more beneficial.

Well every warrior could be different., I don’t care how they do it. But to answer your question I meant multiple tower resist in that example.

Initially warriors could resist 1/2 the towers on the map, which helped them be tanks. I just want that feeling to come back to them. (Often had two resists then you could add a third at a time when there were only 4-5 useful towers)

If no dragon could solo a maxed base 3d, we would probably enter a setup-only meta where hunters have to lead and a second dragon follows to kill what’s left. With the current towers, I doubt warriors could fulfill their initial role of destroying some towers and flying over the rest of them without dying and sorcerers…don’t get me started. So essentially you would always have to lead with a hunter and that would be no different from what we have now unless they make some big changes to every dragon’s spellkit.

In my opinion there should be dragons in every class that can solo a maxed base 3d and then there should be setup and follow up dragons in every class as well. Whether you choose to “solo” or “setup/follow up” a base shouldn’t matter, play the style you prefer. Entire speed meta would have to be dealt with first though

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More than just spells…

Base stats and breath attack attack as well. Even then that would only be a start. Defence mechanics should change, war rules should revert, and all towers and dragons would need to be adjusted to compensate for all the changes.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t expect PG to give their game the overhaul it needs, I’m just pointing out that this IS what war dragons needs.

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Not without a strategic element and currently warriors and Sorcs are not strategic. That is why hunters are preferred and why so many people hate “OP warriors. When it takes no strategy to kill a maxed base that isn’t fun.


so ur saying krelos is a hunter and arrow is a sorcerer?


Well there for using when towers are attacking you so u can stop damage did u know that ?