2022 - Community Ideas for Improvements

Hello everybody!

I’d like to get the discussion going to see what improvements you’d like to see made in War Dragons.

These can be brand new things you’d like to see in the game or quality of life improvements.

As a reminder - the best suggestions take this format:

  • X is happening
  • X is causing Y
  • Z might help solve X and therefore stop Y from happening.

*lack of communication with team members during PvP while in PvP event screen
*not having chat available while in events where players spend hours upon hours in said events which creates the need for team members to constantly back out of the event menu to check TC for any updates and then go back into the event or else they are missing potential strategy updates
*having chat available in events would make talking to teammates while in events for hours much easier

*Another thing on my personal wish list for 2022 is a bomb base skin which has a cherry blossom theme with VFX like the dragon Sakura.

Give your best ideas to help make the game more awesome and let’s rock 2022! :sunglasses: :facepunch:t2: :muscle:t2: :fire: :dragon: :chunk: :axi: :firefin: :dodo:

@PGJared @DragonPunch @PGTimber


Make or rerelease chunk plushies :chunk:


Reserving a spot more than anything…

But as a point form.

  1. change base attack for sorcs and warriors.

  2. change defence mechanics.

  3. adjust basically all previous tier dragons to account for above.

  4. adjust balance (both tower and dragon stats) to adjust for above.

  5. encourage competitive play (that is also not $ dependent)

  6. adjust Atlas mechanics to no longer encourage speed as #1 factor,

  7. adjust atlas map.

  8. add a point to atlas (and main game for that reason)

I will expand on these tabs as the days pass.

Now that I think on this I don’t really need to expand. I have posted on all these points in the past (most recently), so if anyone doesn’t know exactly what i mean, please ask and I will edit based on such questions.


Salvage multiple rider gear.
The ability to merge excess runes, glyphs, and GEAR into higher level runes, glyphs, or gear to level it up (instead of having to salvage) might work too😎


Since it’s breeding I will bring up the pain of auto breed. Instant breed is awesome but when you don’t have enough for that and need to auto breed it takes an eternity.
Allow the auto breed up to the number of eggs you have left. Even if it doesn’t finish


Ill add some here

  • QoL Level Up
  • QoL rune salvaging
  • Atlas - Rebuild
  • Atlas better way to target teams
  • New PvP event - Twin Emps
  • New Event - Invasion
  • Bring back PvP event King of the Hill.

But dont have seige weapons or barricades in packs.

Instead super / mega attacks replace seige weapons

And players can craft barricades with wood. Max of 5x city HP with barricades.

  • Revamp Crystal Caves
  • Ditch plans for Gold 2 prims. Unless there is also a player benefit.

You can change the amount of breeds in the little box to adjust to the amount of tokens you have :relaxed: Just click in the box and type. You may need to change it a few times to get the right amount


How did I not know this. You are awesome!!

Too bad I didn’t know this a couple hours ago while my phone was sitting on the table breeding forever :joy:

Increase chest drop rate by at least 2x during treasure hunt and events

Simplify currencies with a comprehensive update or permanent trading post mechanic

Stick to your guns and execute the atlas reset (people are going to whine and scream bloody murder, do it anyway)

(Edit) Also - can we PLEASE move the “accept” button on team invites so that it’s not exactly where the “reply” button is? :grimacing: Fairly sure I’m not the only one who’s made this goof-up and it’s infuriating/terrifying.


I honestly only see hunters so maybe buff the other types so they can be used for attacks instead of just hunters

Maybe decrease the key cost back to 18 and see how the community reacts so you can keep or change it

Make a taco tower :taco:

Replace sheep farm (ps: love you taco :heart:)

Bring back community creates streams (kazane, somnus)

Knowing pg they will probably continue the resurrections so I’d like to see the portraits that came along in the branches be added as having portraits is a cosmetic and does not really impact the game

Add more to the story because when you began the game your uncle(Gustav) killed your parents because he was jealous you could communicate with dragons, when that happened you fled and now own a base. So like continue the story further as you progress through the game cause I was actually interested until it ended as soon as it started

Ok we are only 19 posts in and I am already frustrated with this thread…

Why are people suggesting petty minor things? Is that what we now expect from the game; minor changes that really mean nothing?

There have been almost no significant and well thought out suggestions in this thread as of yet. Yes yes we all know “warriors need a buff” and “make packs more valuable”, “reduce costs” and whatever other things have been suggested thus far. Don’t get me wrong, those may be valid requests, but for a 7 year old game of some notoriety, players should have more in depth suggestions. If we, those who play the game daily and have been doing so for years don’t have more helpful suggestions then this game is more doomed than I thought.

Sorry for the rant I was just hoping to read some more substantial suggestions then have been brought forward so far. But so far my point form response seems more helpful then all the others and I haven’t even taken the time to actually write mine yet.


Bit of a worry when as a collective our expectations are this low :smiley:

I did post a bunch of stuff on an atlas rebuild new event, revised events, QoL improvements.

Wasn’t that big enough?


Suggesting minor things because I’d like to actually see a change made or a response given…

Otherwise this is just ritual masturbation. We stand in a circle, hold hands, and chant about all the changes that we would like to see…but nothing comes of it.

I think at this point asking for a gesture, even a minor one, is better than repeating the same 5 steps and hoping for a better outcome.


Pg historically takes only feedback.
They haven’t even addressed the suggestions they asked for last time.
Or the time before that.
So there’s my suggestion for improvement …… just figure out how to implement one of the many put forth!


1- let us test mythics at least for a day before get them and prevent probability to stuck with useless dragons

2- atlas glory beasts or monuments to harvest glory specially for pvp timeframe when shields are up

3- make deep buried castles more accessible. It’s not fair some bullies hide behind deep buried castles

4- decrease team members capacity to 20-25, and make atlas more fun. Right now we have many not-active members in each team due high limits. Instead make alliances larger like 10-15 teams, and even make mega alliances a new official look

5- give us sort options for attacking screen based on lumber/food/dp etc…

6- dark flak tower supershots needs more damage on higher towers. It’s way too ridiculous to spend tons of embers and get nothing compared to howitzer normal damage. They’re useless in higher lvl bases now imo

7- some towers like trebuchet, cannon, drakul, … are useless for higher lvls and even mid game bases. Redesign is needed. Add special shots after certain lvl, like electric arrows to disable spell casting for trebuchets, or fireball for cannons to make dragons suffer burning damage over time for 5 seconds

8- MAKE damn real trade options for resources. Not the fake trading post limited time branches. Give option to convert useless resources to what we need

9- get rid of useless things such as healing potions, 30% atk/defense, XP boosts, …
Everyone has tons of them and even don’t bother for more now. What’s the point pg??

10- perch dragons damage is ridiculously low! Highest rank dragons can’t truly hurt anymore. According to their costs, it’s way ridiculous

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Simple. Make the game fun and not a chore. I don’t care how

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Thank you madam.

Personally I will be happy with fewer bugs and glitch.
Less lag on atlas would be best.
Hopefully Atlas Elite comes with a 30 days usable krelos too.hahahaha

Give returning players very good rewards.Though I do not think they will come back unless there is something new here.


@pgjared make warriors more viable to game play like hunters why always warriors only needs buff take example of Reyez you guys created good hype for its spell set but on screen nothing it gonna die with double defended easily so please make warriors breath damage more viable for mythics if you guy’s can do @dragonpunch @pgtimber


Gold farm on base. You still get something out of us (timers) to level, (elite) to increase gains. And we have less life sucking grinding to do, instead we can focus on enjoying our time on game. Also this makes hitting players in main game more meaningful.

Atlas overhaul. Atlas has massive problems that have gone ignored way too long; those who do the least (deep safe castles) reap the highest rewards, massive stagnancy (I’m sure you can see the average amount of time castles have not changed hands), a political kraken chokeholding most the game because mechanics make it viable if not necessary with others engaging in it, low level inability to contribute other than meat shielding causing high level players to have to hit down which is very dissatisfying for both.

Solutions: shrink alliances to 3 teams, and make alliance joining take a week or more. Get rid of passage, or make it very expensive in gold bribes (ex 10m payment to game and 10m to team at one castle for 24hr) and make it a mechanic where the passage team cannot attack/be attacked while using intended purpose of passing through for bribed duration. Map redesign to only have max 4 deep castles (t2 1bd, t3 2bd, t4 3bd, t5 4bd), and only 1 castle per area. Quarter the guard cap on all castles. Make castle razing a thing, when you’ve conquered a castle you have option to occupy, or raze it for one time plunder of gold (scaling amounts from t2-t5), making it effectively a NML ruin for a few days with access. Make castle rewards diminish significantly the less of the preceding gate castles you or your 3ta holds so no one can sit deep and collect with no work required, if their own gates are taken they’ll begin to bleed (say as a fraction of preceding gate castles unowned, examples; 1/1 preceding unowned (2nd aka t3 owned) then 50% reward reduction, 2/2 preceding (3rd aka t4 owned) 66% reduction, 1/3 preceding unowned (4th aka t5 owned) 25% reduction, 3/3 preceding unowned (4th aka t5 owned) 75% reduction. Make “enemy” (non 3ta) on castles unable to trap, taunt, or attack other “enemy” (non 3ta) prims. Make traps and taunts from prims way below target’s level range ineffective, meatshielding should not be a thing, it leads to dissatisfying but necessary hitting down. Make traps and taunts from prims way above target’s level range bypassable if target launches attack on similar level range prim, low level’s inability to contribute due to high level taunters makes them unable to do basically anything except swap or meatshield which the prior point gets rid of, let them hit amongst each other. Greatly increase glory cost of castle guards. Decrease glory from hitting in NML. Remove all safe zones, they only contribute load lag, and make NML capable of summoning prims. Add signifiers like the enfeeble purple arrows but red sword for under attack, and in details page info on who, also info on who’s trapped you in details without having to attack to see. Order prims on castle by most to least troops, and if over visible prim capacity the prims with least troops are what don’t show. When you’ve launched an attack and are trapped or taunted on attack screen give info on who and/or at least option to immediately attack instead of having to cancel attack first. Make a new position “commander” that can enfeeble offensively but only for teammates not self. Add glory benchmarks you can achieve each season that increase glory earned on (normally) 100% targets by 5% ->100% and add a glory leaderboard each season with 3 different awesome portraits you can choose from, with and without achieved rank borders, and some diamonds and horns as rewards. Do this for the top team in each league as well, 100k instant troop summon pack, one portrait and a diamond/sapphire/platinum border and animated for diamond, still for sap and less detailed for plat. Add a kill leaderboard each season that excludes cgs, NML, and any targets under 80% glory with 3 different awesome portraits you can choose from, with and without achieved rank borders, and diamonds and horns as rewards. Do this for the top team in each league as well, 100k instant troop summon pack, one portrait and a diamond/sapphire/platinum border and animated for diamond, still for sap and less detailed for plat.

Bookmark update
*Put team name next to castle
*Group by alliance and team
*Allow leaders to “star”/target, or set priority within bookmarks
*Allow personal, non team-shared bookmarking

War change
Remove league points from wars. Keep egg token stealing. Add a gold chest reward for winning a war, 50 hammers, 50 swords, and 50 shields, and a plat chest for the mvp. Add option of “old school war” when declaring, so people can enjoy using set up and teamwork more if they want.

Tower diversity
Old towers suck more and more but some of them are and would still be fun even if not quite as viable as newer towers, if they got buffs or their prices in materials and timers went way down to better match what you’re getting.

Lag, and android
Could you upgrade your servers or something? Also get some work done to support Android better so a large portion of your playerbase isn’t dealing with massive prohibitive and everlasting issues that lead them to either rage quit, or kills activity until they kill the game.

Resurrection dragons
Stop this or at least do it right. Selling trash dragons just makes you look bad. If you’re going to reuse a design, update the spells to be actually viable.

Dragon spell diversity
Over time it seems the useable spellkit has shrunk to be breath dmg boost, one shot spell, dodge, and one other. If you at least boost the base breath damage, some classes more than others (warriors, sorcerers), we’ll have an extra spell slot for something fun. Causes of this shrinkage are the viable towers, speed meta, and increased tower HP. Besides maybe buffing some old towers, buffing base breath dmg, and addressing speed meta, you may also consider doing “resist” like spells except not with damage but “effect immunity” to special effects ex. orrery effect immunity put on a warrior preventing extra speed pull.


Awesome list I like it all :slight_smile:

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