2022 - Community Ideas for Improvements

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While an excellent idea……
They ran a beta for trading post long ago and it was determined to be something they couldn’t secure from hacking because it never went live after the initial beta.

And so unless they have found a secure way to offer resource exchange i don’t see it happening as they have already made one attempt at it and failed……

It seems like the atlas idea might work but know Diamond teams and how sapphire teams work they’ll possibly produce more lag due to behavior habits I’m unsure but I think the more players that are in a server the more likely the game will lag like say Aligane which crashes a lot of devices maybe try and make a bigger map than just the tiny idea possibly even bigger than current day atlas cause imagine if atlas was 2x the size as it is now that might be a bad idea but it will spread out players and teams a little more, possibly kinda fixing the lag.

Also it might be good to not only have salvage all runes but select rarity type runes to only salvage most rare and epic runes cause I normally carefully select what runes to salvage and if I’m not careful then poof any useful rune or glyph can be gone.

Also the crystal cave ideas possibly needs better awards the eggs are fine but doesn’t look very appetizing, doesn’t need to be too insane just a little bit more appetizing like maybe a chance to drop a platinum chests or 2 which would be very rare.

Other than a few issues I find with some of these ideas stated above most of it seems like a good idea / great idea for the most part.


Sad! Wah wah waaaaah. :pensive:

Sadly we wouldn’t need to exchange as much crap if they would just add more prize claim flexibility throughout the game!

Going to link this thread in. Early player experience should be one of the major foci for this year.

Choke points, as the OP of that thread refer to them, is just a single aspect though. The game content is expanding, we have more and more tiers (at least 22 by the end of 2022 if cadence is preserved) and more resource types are present than ever before (new towers are planned and they have the potential alone to diversify resource types further). This is confusing for experienced players so only imagine how new players must feel when faced with this wall of superfluous detail. Simplifying this in some way or making the transition smoother will help.

As I think of more points I’ll add them but the broad focus is improving the journey to end game for new players and making that journey as appealing as possible.

Edit 1: Example for resource simplification. Cosmic Charges

Cosmic charge were introduced purely to be a rate limited on cosmic orrery numbers prior to them being made transformable/mergeable.

New Tower: Cosmic Orrery - Official Discussion Thread - #105 by PGGalileo

Why are they required now that these towers are transformable/mergeable? They are not needed and current stocks of Cosmic Charges could be returned to players as Electrum Bars. The conversion rate is not completely straight forward as Comsic Charges to Electrum Bar equivalency per level does have variation but I am sure a happy medium could be achieved.

The one caveat I do see here is total tower value. As Cosmic Orreries do vary in total tower value (due to the varying Cosmic Charge to Electrum Bar relationship), it would take some effort to change Electrum Bar values at Cosmic Charge levels to try and keep total tower value constant. Alternatively, Electrum Bar requirements on Cosmic Charge levels could be made the same as Howie and Pylon which would change the total tower value.

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Just bring back trading post every week EXCEPT none of it should be for sigils. There should be one item for each currency. POOF Done :white_check_mark:

Next problem?


I was so hoping that was what they were planning to utilize it for instead we got a general store that utilizes sigils :man_facepalming::boom:
Yes it could be done via the “trading “ post but it seems pg doesn’t want to clean
up the resource management issues that are the product of having multiple currencies!

I suppose it’s more profitable to have a complicated and unbalanced economy…… :man_shrugging:

Otherwise we would see more prize claim flexibility and features like your suggesting.
But we don’t :+1:

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About the minor suggestion thing …

There are a lot of minor things that could be changed that would make the game more fun. Most of these have been suggested many times by many different people, meaning they are straight-forward simple things that would make a large portion of the player base happier.

Also, I think the lack of responsiveness by PG is why more people aren’t spending a ton of time coming up with more, new suggestions. And I don’t mean just in the post-Gal period. Like, how many times do we need to ask them to fix the dragon sorting in Crystal Caves with no real response? It’s the “will you take us to Mt. Splashmore?” way of trying to get change.

I also think big, sweeping changes or cool event ideas have been suggested too (and not just Malik’s). Maybe you didn’t see the post earlier with a pile of links? What you’re talking about should be PG’s Game Design Executive or PLM or whatever top job title is in charge of this game at PG. They should be getting paid good money to do this and I don’t think it’s the user-base’s job to design the game for them, especially since they don’t make the minor updates we ask for.

My minor suggestions are:

  • Get rid of the Orrery because it forces dragons to have cloak, dodge, or be useless in the speed meta. I have 1 on each of the 3 kill islands of my base.

  • Get rid of all building currencies except lumber and one of whatever’s already out there.

  • Rebalance the non-lumber towers to be closer in power. Base design creativity using the various abilities would be a bigger part of the game. Now it feels like the strategy is “who can get the most of the new currency for the new tower that is better than all the old towers”. Each new tower would bring a new strategy in the game and would make it more fun just through it’s existence instead of being something you need to get to stay competetive.


Lots of great ideas have been proposed by the community but we are all basically just talking amongst ourselves.


My post on using lumber to feed the incubator fires got a like by PGMatt, so someone is at least reading …


I would like minor things like:

1.) be able to donate wood to the gem mine in exchange for rubies. Or at minimum have gem mine provide free rubies every hour.

2.) level water dragon or give something better for defending. That water dragon is useless after level like 30.

3.) have chat available for defenders

It isn’t our job to do it… but since they clearly arn’t doing it and I love the game I’ll throw in my two cents. But yours right what we shouldn’t be needed to tell them how their game works… but they don’t seem to know…

I agree.

I disagree. It’s a fine tower. But I agree with the other points (about to be explained) which may minimize your issue here.

Couldn’t agree more!!! Although I am okay with the other towers and what they do, ALL towers should be viable. Although I disagree with eliminating the special towers currency, I agree they have a special bonus. Take treb vs dark flak as an example. They are basically the same tower. But Flak had near INSTANT hit (yes at the cost of range). But it also did more damage, which I don’t understand why, especially to the level it is at)… both towers should be useful; but they are not.

Do a custom island layout not just tower layout make it so you can move your islands and reshape them

Also bring out new tiers this is the 5th breeding event with no new dragons

Honestly, a lot of developers don’t spend the time players do, playing the game they make. Which is understandable. They spend 40+ hours a week working on it. It’s not unreasonable that developers MAYBE spend an hour a day in the game. This is REALISTIC for the majority of game developers. With many games, developers make updates and changes based upon what the community outspokenly wants. (Like what we are doing)

Believe it or not, PG does read the forums. They can only tackle so many issues at once which is why QoL requests were broken down into quarters or first half and second half last year. It was done by top 10 important issues.

Obviously not all issues have been addressed which is why we should continue to speak out about the changes we still want to see in the game we all love.

I have faith that once we have a new community manager this list will be a great starting place for that person to read and see what is most important to us.

Let’s keep this thread productive please. :v:t2:


This was a great post and kinda fits in here, that is if PG is reading this haha

  • Chisel shortage for dragon rune removal
  • shortage of it does not allow to play/experiment with linage or legendary dragons. People are forced to save it only for mythic dragons.
  • Either provide more options to earn it or decrease cost for rune removal.


  • Rune dust shortage is happening
  • Not enough dust for exotic rune/glyph level upgrade. This issue is also partially linked with chisels shortage too. People save rune dust for important runes in order to use them on selected dragons.
  • Add one 0 in rune dust resource value in prizes (in short - increase its value in prizes)


  • Overwhelming graphics/display during dragon attack on triple defended bases
  • It is very difficult to sight difference between mages or flaks. Game forces player to remember all such tower positions which could be problem in end game current atlas quick run requirement.
  • Provide option to tone down graphics


Following 1 liners as I’m bored in writing above format.

  1. Correct dragon sequence in Crystal Cave events

  2. Don’t come up with stupid tower design which makes other dragon classes pretty weak and force developer to reuse similar spell designs.

  3. Provide dragon roaster and mission option in atlas.

  4. Taunter with max troops should be visible on castle. As on today one has to select castles->primarch in order to locate them.

Will add more later. Please review and bring it up to devs @PGJared


Agree 100% on all.
If I may add, a preview of the runes option prior removing them, both dragons and towers. Giving a visual if we want to spend those mighty precious chisels, perhaps a simulation of the new power.


Rune deletion:

  1. It would be good to be able to delete runes as we receive them
  2. It would be good to have an easier way to delete them than clicking on every single one of them


  1. Address the lag issue
  2. Address the issue of Diamond teams stealing T2 entry castles off Plat IV teams.
  3. Address the issue of teams up in the top 100 APR hitting 200+APRs, some as low as 1000 APR
  4. Address the issue of players hitting teams that don’t have any players at their level (when hitting much lower APRs)
  5. Address the issue of constant sniping by the same player on the same team … (for ever)

The game:

  1. Address the issue of teams in Gold/low Plat that have heaps of 500+ players in there.
  2. Stop making the game ridiculously time consuming so those 500+ players want to sit in low teams
  3. Get rid of the non atlas portion of the game, it’s ridiculous to have 2x distinctly different games

(and everything that XG1 said above)



I would like to see an exp freeze potion developed. At the moment, while merging can be use to stall levelling, it can be difficult for players to achieve a big enough hole when trying new base designs. An exp freeze potion could assist players to try new ideas and designs without the penalty of having under-levelled towers. It could also assist players correct mistakes they have made when they are new to the game.

This could be an item that could easily be abused. I suggest the following provisions be out in place:

  • One freeze potion available for sale per day or per fort event.
  • A limitation be applied to 5 towers on the base only per potion.
  • All levelling costs to remain the same as current towers (timers, wood etc)

Potential disadvantages

  • the item could be too expensive and thus, only benefit the whales.
  • people could use a potion and run out of resources (but this could be circumvented by planing ahead).
    -People with the wood glitch get an unfair advantage over those that don’t in terms of the need to rss hunt.
  • The exp freeze potion could make gathering rss much more difficult for players who don’t get event dragons.
    -the item may be too difficult to code limitations in (I have no background in this)


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