2022 Official Base Building Guide

Hi everyone, I am a returning player to WD. I noticed updated information and guides for the game are not as available now for WD as it was a few years ago when I played.

It seems that Odin and War Dragon The Grind are no longer making new content for the game.

To help newer players and returning players catch up, I would like those who have a strong base and knowledge about the game to share screenshots of their base and reasoning behind their build here :slight_smile:

Thank you for any and all help

@HoHoH0din is lazy, but shivenzo has been making fairly frequent videos again. Icarus also makes videos, I wouldn’t call them the exact same quality/style but they’re still out there. There’s also several other CF players who make vids


Is it not as accessible and easy to find as it’s before :frowning:

I’ll make a video about bases at some point… im lazy too


I also recommend Icarus. His base is quite annoying…

But as for sharing bases and reasoning:

Double orrery and ice is meta (for their sses). The back orrery and ice are the real killers since most people are capable of making it past the first two using spells but can’t kill all 4 before getting hit by an ice ss and then mage drained.
Orrery is front for annoyingly fast people like Icarus. Dark and fire flaks for damage and red mage to block spells. Howie again for damage. Red positioning means it covers that whole island. Blue is just there for mage drain, it’s kinda useless. Should probably be replacing that with a pylon. Only reason I don’t have a front blue for haus or something is because I’m smol and need damage :melting_face:

Towers are eldritch but it generally shoots down arcanums which seems pretty good


Shiv literally just came back and began making videos again. It was kind of a big deal.


I made these a few seasons ago, so they’re not 100% up to date. Could re-do them, if that help.


Can you make an updated version when you have time Tami? This is actually very useful.

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I can try, but don’t know when atm :sweat_smile:

Was told there was a builder spreadsheet, where you could move towers around and analyze before making major renovations to your base. Please advise thank you

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Would love a link for this.

Which one are we referring to? Fortification planner or base percentage + research tracker?

Search up zami on the forums, she has a spreadsheet vault with a ton of stuff and that’s near the top

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