237 Obsidian breeding LFT

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Language: English, German
Time Zone: Tokyo
Played time: around 2 years
Age Range: over 30
Elite Account?: Both indeed
Dragon Roster Includes: Preferably Hunters, Ronin as strongest
Highest Lineage Dragon: Obsidian Noctua

I am a lvl 237 player, 250+ after upcoming Fortification, Quests, Wars, 8/8 team prizes and Line are self evident for me. Last Breeding I was blessed with my first Obsidian Dragon.
As I want to be more active in atlas and fight for higher places in Events I am looking for a Guild that shares my target. p1/S3+ would be perfect, but activity especially in Atlas is more important to me.

Have a nice Day

Check out PaddyDragon


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Thank you for taking your time and my application into consideration. I’ve found a new place.
Have a nice time.everyone.

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