24-48 hour timers

Why is the 24 and 48 hour timers only in one event from team achivements pg? I say put them in every single team achivements for all events!!! Us player base. Needs them to speed up our primes in atlas since u taken them from us :eyes:!!!

Anyone notice how hard it is to get theses timers from monuments how often u folks get them? Has anyone ever got the 24 hour from monument? I only got 1 since released

I just got my first 24 hour timer from a monument yesterday in fact.

I think the official response from PG will be that you can speed your primach with all those diamonds they give you now.

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Use diamonds to speed up prims? I am significantly smaller than you and have enough diamonds to speed up prims, use in place of gold since my storage hut is capped too low for silver prims, and speed up castles.

That said, timers are way too rare… even if you only needed them for leveling your base.


I mean, idk, size has little to do with Atlas and diamonds :thinking:. Except making up for gold.

I do agree that reducing possible timer income was a bad move, though. Reward good performance!

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Yeah, size was really only meant in reference to the gold issue.

Maybe make team rewards worth competing for as a first step? Instead of 95% of the rewards being individual and only 5% team based

And sanction off teams according to something that isn’t their performance in the last event?

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Still to introduce and. Not put in gold packs only forge which takes for ever they should be in every event in team achivements- put them with sigil prizes

I do find it pretty hilarious that you get like… 4 of any of these between fortification events.

They were a big hallelujah moment that’s rather been unspectacular overall.

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Agreed needs to be out more its a shame they give but not in golds only can buy in offers that are trash it should be in all event’s

Yep! With you there bud.

I suspect it has kind of been forgotten about by PG

Lets not forget about embers that neeed to be added to all gold chests like cough pvp remove the power ups for them

Like breeding. :eyes: remove food packs and place embers we got boosts for food there is no more feeding event so adjust

I really think it’s past time they start to increase gold chest drop amounts, or gold chest drops based on builder hut level.

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