24K point event prize. Is this a mistake?

Talk about the latest weekly events and Seasons in War Dragons!the prize for 24K points in the breeding event is 25 rubies and 25 egg tokens. Please tell me that is a mistake because it does not match any of the other prizes leading up to it or after it.

Yes, it is correct.


It’s a bonus prize i think

No, it is not a bonus prize. It is part of the prize restructuring they did back in June which removed all “bonus” prizing and mostly standardized the look of all event prizing. The purple prizes are your key big return prizes, the rest don’t always give better than the ones before it only usually do. You can look at all of the event prizing in the Spreadsheet Vault if you are curious.


It’s a special treat!

I feel like Dark Helmet is going to pop out laughing and say “got you sucka”


I would agree with you about the milestones providing the bulk of the individual prizes; but not in Breeding.

If you look at the 5th milestone (prize 25), which is at the 208k level. You get 0 sigils. Actually, from prize 21 through 25 - you get a grand total of an amazing 400 sigils. You get more sigils (500) from prizes 16 through 20.

If you should get to the 5th milestone (prize 25) - this is the combined total of all the prizes from 1through 25.
Sigils - 1850; Rubies - 8930; Egg Tokes - 8965; Chests - 3b, 2s, 8g; Speedups - 262 hours.

But from prize 26-30. You receive.
Sigils - 2600; Rubies - 8200; Egg Tokes - 5465; Chests - 13g, 3p; Speedups - 66 hours.

During Breeding the rss is heavily geared toward the last 5 prizes, more so than any other event.

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If you look at the other sheets in that listing for all the other changes to breeding prizing back to the original recording by Mechengg on Mar 14 2018, the last 5 prizes have always had the bulk of the sigils earned in the prizing. Honestly, why shouldn’t it?

I would argue that the other events also have a lot more sigils loaded into the later prizes. Which makes sense. The more you spend in resources, the better your reward should be. Going through all of the event prizing sheets from the net total at prize 25 and at prize 30, prize 30 net total is:

  • Breeding: 2.4x the sigils of prize 25
  • Fortification: 1.9x the sigils of prize 25
  • Temple Raid: 2.2x the sigils of prize 25
  • Kingdom Wars: 2.1x the sigils of prize 25
  • Team Gauntlet: 2.2x the sigils of prize 25
  • Fight Pits: 2.1x the sigils of prize 20

The difference with breeding comes out to 200 sigils to make it similar with Temple Raid and Team Gauntlet so the top 5 prizes are only 2.2x the amount not 2.4x the amount. Where would you suggest they remove them from the higher tiers and where you would put them into the lower tiers without making the higher tiers more devalued?

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