25 sigils in super sigil chests yes or take out

I say take out the 25 sigils in the super sigil chests my reason is because the lines have increased so I say the super sigil pay out as well I say raise it to at least 50 I seen someone showed me a screenshot of his drop I would be mad as well 4 of the chest were 25, 3 was 50, 1 was 75, 1 was 150, last chest was 175
I mean yes I know how it is but 25 sigil is just too low who else agrees?


:face_with_monocle: Do we have 150 and 175 sigils in super sigil? Also 4 25 chests in 10 consecutive chests?


Yep seen four 25 sigil chests

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Post the SS…

I’m sure Mr Nonethe is correct and you’re wrong Orca. After all what do you know about chests sequencing eh?


Screenshot or it didnt happen

Absolutely - Super should be Super or at least superior to whatever is available in other venues! Don’t have to tell PG that. I’m sure they can see from prior tallies… while there’s plenty like me, perhaps even you, giddy enough to try anything once… but after all you get is same as or less than from other offers… as they say “once bitten twice shy!”

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It is, you pay less than 5 rubies per sigil. With gold chests you pay 20 rubies per sigil. And with gold the minimum number of sigils from 1 chest is 0, not 25.


Not something to write home IMO.


Not the worst 10 chests :joy:.
Most likely caused by uneven distribution due to potential 5k sigils drop.
Still no 4 25 sigils in 10 consecutive chests.
Try 750 chests :eyes:
Should be a bit more than one full cycle of legendary drop

Yep, quite unbalanced:

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We could also just let every compete all the lines for free as a participation trophy if we wanna go this way.

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I strongly disagree. Lines are already not difficult to complete and sigil chests are the best source of sigils per ruby. We don’t need to make them easier to complete. Sigil chests are fine and a single bad pull does not mean chests are bad. And I’d like to see this screenshot


They did. The 5k drop. It came first. And as above. Seasonal lines are already easy enough. And platinum chests were more expensive. What you propose is not making a more expensive chests. You are proposing an outright significant buff to something That’s been consistent for years. Something that works well for the niche it fills without completely overshadowing all other options. Buff these chests too much and I’ll be able to f2p for half a season, stop, then put a few rubies into these chests and be done, and ready for next season.


Seems balanced for the games economy :eyes: Rolling one mythic drop of 2500, a 1/20 of that although a mythic drop also could be 5k in this scenario, is already more than you’d get from an average 20 chests now. The minimum roll is 1000 sigils, that’s almost as high as the average now. I’m not going to bother doing any maths even assuming even prize distribution within each bracket, however I doubt it’d take more than 50k rubies to finish a branch with this model.

Expect 3x - 7x price hike for super sigil chests.

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Sorry guys. Thought to give a suggestion

Quote all the stats you want… WD is played in RT in a more than two dimensional table of statistical figures… besides which doesn’t much matter if results found at the player experience side of things seems, at least to them, which when comes to experience, as is play, and this is a game mind you, player experience is all that matters and needs be appreciated… if not I say get outta gaming and try your hand at accounting… or politics… but then that’s just my views from my own personal experience…

If you’re seeking a more meaningful experience from clicking a button to get some virtual currency then, well… I indeed can’t help with that.

Don’t need your help, sympathy, pity nor sarcasm thank you… quite proficient at direct process linguistic, in the day one of very few capable reading process binary… original contributor to a little thing called the Internet… perhaps you might have heard of it… so no, appreciate your opinion for what is… an opinion… to wit I merely suggested you might enjoy some self same appreciation for others something you evidently don’t want much less need… so be it…

I think it’s quite evident from your “process linguistic” that you need help… :joy: