27 reasons not to buy Runic Chests

Just saying…


I mean, at 800 rubies a chest, just let me BUY Rune dust at a reasonable rate with rubies.

That’s a lot of rares :face_with_monocle:



Oh I know, there’s so more that need to be removed, I was just listing the obvious ones…800 rubies…for a Rare Rune…now that’s just absurd.


So why can we now no longer claim bonus chests hmmmmmmm probably not the right thread but whatever!

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Well…it wasn’t an intended mechanic, more like a bonus? I guess that’s why they removed it :”(

:rage: not happy

I find it interesting that the rare runes have a slightly lower drop rate than legendary and epics. They should take them out, runics are so expensive! I’m not buying them anymore now that I have to spend 24k rubies to be in with a slight chance for something decent. I basically think of rare runes as common ones because I get WAY more rare runes than common anyway :roll_eyes:

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Same here :thinking: Odd thing, isn’t it? :t_rex:

Those useless runes that still come with some prizes? Haha Don’t we get the same on silver anyway? :see_no_evil:

Same here. Except glyphs I have a lot of common glyphs. Off topic but it would also be nice if the by rarity went in the right order. :woman_facepalming:t2:

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But enough (editing out the adjectives I would normally put here) people seem to buy these loser chests every time that PG has no incentive to fix the contents and/or lower the price to something reasonable. I grind my teeth every time one of those “Runic chest drops” posts appear with people proudly showing off the 1 good and 59 bad drops they got, while wasting 24,000 rubies.

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Comon runes are actually more common… until you hit a certain level (no idea what it is). At that point, it’s like common runes cease to exist outside of prizes.

When I started playing a year ago, I got a common rune “free” during the tutorial. That was the only common rune I ever had until they appeared again as low level quest prizes.

Common glyphs are quite common though… :slight_smile:

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And I just realize that PG removed getting the free silver chests during non PvP events from the actual chest tab.

They now give it to us outside of that. Their solution seems to be forcing our game closed once a day during those events. Seems to be a very poor solution to solve such a small problem.

Runic Chest Fu:

Save Silver chests. Always have at least 30. Between weekly events (i.e., on Tuesday or Wednesday), open 30 silver chests and get the Bonus Chest to light up. Don’t open bonus chest.

Wait for Runic Chests to be available. Claim bonus chest. Bonus Runic Chest will be either Legendary or Mythic, and cost you nothing.

Same with Sigil Chests at the end of the season. Will always give you the minimal Legendary Sigil drop, and has the potential to give up to 1,000 sigils.

I’ve gotten legendary and mythic versions of some very nice runes and glyphs doing this (and also some /facepalms; I’m looking at you, Mythic Rune of Heated Breath).

Sadly, they have closed that loophole, and somehow also broke the free silver chest in the process…


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