2nd Seasonal line

Hey everyone,

So I’ve read Red’s guide on seasons but it’s a bit dated, and before the changes to being able to level divines more often.

I’m currently level 132, I finished the discount line and waited until everything came out to pick a second line and just looking to hear different opinions on what to do with my remaining sigils.

Getting a mythic is off the table but I will just enough, I should end just around enough to finish out an entire line.

Do I pick up one of the other dragons, Rosheen, or just spread sigils around for rewards? I know there’s some personal choice but would love to hear not just which, but what would make you chose that option.

Thanks in advance,

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In my opinions, rosheen is the best line this season. I’d you can finish it, I’d get her. If you can, save the gold chests for next season to get the discount dragon and/or 100% egg token boost early on. Do discount dragon weeks 1-2 while half price then egg token boost.


If you plan to go for a mythic next season then get a rider for the extra gold chests. If you need embers for your flaks or pearls for your perch then get the Base Boost line. The dragons are all relatively mediocre (as are the riders but you’re getting them for the stuff)

Rosheen is a pretty mediocre rider. She’s bad for warriors, has the wrong stat boost for hunters and is worthless on invokers.


I agree in general. There are no good dragons or riders this season, but for a non atlas rider rosheen is one of the better options for hunters that you can get now and finishing a line gives better prizes than doing one row of every line.


Any other dragon you like?
If yes, pick a dragon.

Can you finish the branch?
If yes, pick Rosheen.

Else, dragon / base boost for goodies.


Orcafrost has it right
If it was me in your position I’d get Tarax


I disagree, if I was only 132 I’d quit game before I got too sucked in.


You stop trying to kill my favorite game! :imp::imp::imp:

Smack smack smack. Just hit ya three times virtually in an invisible way.


Yeah, PG doesnt need any help with that. They’re more than capable of doing it all on their own

I’m trying to save the poor 132, I don’t care about the game.

You don’t have to lie to me, we aren’t married. :roll_eyes:


I should clarify… I have come to terms with the state of the game and have come to accept it’s sad unrecoverable state. I accept it has failed and is run by a company that destroyed what was once a great game. Your right I do care, but I accept what is coming to the point where I hope it happens sooner rather than later.


Or maybe wait for the limited erotic rune line.

Drachen kommen - Drachen gehen
Reiter bleiben
Da die Drachen der Saison eh nicht die Bringer zu sein scheinen nimm den Reiter

Dragons come - dragons go
Stay rider
Since the kites of the season don’t seem to be the bringer anyway, take the rider

Rosheen isn’t the best Rider out there but still a decent Hunter rider.
+15% Atk // +10% HP // +10% Rage Generation // +1 ammo
@Tolac6153 i would say Rosheen OR Morak (stronk Invoker but hard to fly) if u can finish the entire branchs.
Save as many sigils as u can and take the decision when u know the total amount.
Egg Boost is a valuable option. Good rewards.

Thanks for all the replies :slight_smile: Already have the 100% egg boost , could use some of the rewards for the breeding coming up, timers eggs leaning toward the rider atm.

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Then save your sigils and wait. Then decide where to spend during the last days of the season.
Keep in mind that a Rider without All the stones is useless.

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Erotic runes :flushed:

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That sounds interesting, does the erotic rune help with breeding?

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Only if your dragons get turned on by cheap embers and rune dust. Mine do :heart_eyes: