2nd time opening the same 10 chest I received different items?!?


I opened 10 gold chests, it gave me 1700 or 1900 embers that was enough with what I had to upgrade a Flak. Then I went to make an upgrade and I couldn’t because I didn’t have that amount of embers. I noticed I was credited back the rubies and this has happened to me many times but usually when you open them again it will be the same items.
This Time it was totally different items and I got zero embers.
Would love my embers pack @PGCrisis can you look into this! Seems like it would be easy to look into & fix. I’m fine with last set taken away and credited the first ones.


I usually close the game when that happens


This looks like a great thing to reach out to our Support Team about - they should be able to help you out. :slight_smile:


More like this is an @OrcaFrost @Morreion question whether the first 10 set was registered as claimed in the back end (even though refunded) which pushed @Twitchx onto the next set of 10 according to his cycle pattern.

Hope you took screenshots so this can be verified.


I won’t know what really happened during the sync error. However, it’s possible that some executed code isn’t rolled back properly (e.g. spin rate, which is also obtained from the chest drop list as well).

@SavageAFforPG knows better I think (still hoping…)


Sadly Savage is currently banned from the forums as per his request :cry:


Poor savage :cold_sweat:


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