2nd Winter Rider request

First off, I’d like to say thank you fo r giving us the discount on the first half of the Kayla branch. I have found her very useful, even without armor, since I have no wind element dragons.

On to the request: could we please gavecseparate branches with armor of different element types so we can choose which type we want (I’m thinking of how the token boost branch was set up this season… very successful imo).

My best 3 dragons are the last 3 seasons discount dragons: Drakius, Necryx, and Leos. I usually can fini sh that branch and a little more, but not enough for a full price dragon branch so my options are limited. I’m in platinum/sapphire now (lvl 128) so theres not much point in starting a branch if I can’t finish it since it won’t be useful as long.

Anyways, 2 of my top 3 are fire, so of course that is the type of armor I personally would like to see. But in general it would be nice for those of uys who don’t have Atlas to be able to get more rider armor on branches while we wait patiently (or not).

Again, thank you for the riders, thanks for reading, and for anyone with more savvy forum skillz can you please link the appropriate PG ppl?


Do anybody know if the second rider will be discounted for some time?

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