3.71 Release Notes

Version 3.71 Release Notes

  • Improvements to data usage
  • Fixes for VFX bugs with projectile spells
  • Region textures/art improvement
  • Improved Zoom/Panning feature for Atlas
  • Improvement for frame rates

This also contains the CRM update, but it’s not turned on yet. Once it’s live I’ll be giving out more information.


I’m sorry if this is a dumb question. What’s a CRM?

My app still says v3.70 and there is no new version of the app.

We did have a forced reboot for back end server changes earlier. But that is not the app.

UPDATE: There’s a 3.71 app in the app store now.

3.70 here too. Made me restart the game for the update, but there was no update…

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Excited to hear about the CRM, that will help out support a lot.

@CBAteASandwich I think its a Customer Relationship Management tool.

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“Customer Relationship Management”. It can mean two things, generally:

  • The policies and practices a company uses when dealing directly with customers (i.e. the stuff I manage).
  • The tools a company uses to handle customer-facing communications.

In this case it’s the tool we use to handle support requests.

Also, totally not a dumb question! It’s industry jargon so not everyone knows it. Always happy to answer a question like that.




More importantly what does “improvements to data issues” mean? I mean if it’s just a small improvement it doesn’t help it’s still unusable off of wifi…

edit: Unless you have unlimited or are unaffected by this in which case a small improvement doesn’t matter to you anyways

@PGJared So I downloaded this new 3.71 version and the look of the entire game has changed. It’s dark now. Why was this not mentioned?

Is it temporary for Halloween? Or are we stuck with this dreary look now? Because if it’s permanent, I don’t like it at all.

I love the new look! Unfortunately, I am guessing it will only stick around for Halloween :frowning:


It’s the old Halloween theme from last year. The existing layout makes it even harder to see though.

I wasn’t here last Halloween. I hate the look. Dreary Dragons.

But it is comforting to know it should be gone on 11/1.

technically in the next update the theme will be changed back

Please tell me the next update is tomorrow? :grinning:

I’m fine with the look except they moved the boats before the first small island but hey just missing out on the occasional 1 min timer by hitting them more importantly how do I know the data issue is fixed this deems like a recipe for disaster

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After the horrid ui update previous the darkness is very very and I mean very welcome but the question is how much data do we now have to spend

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The update is growing on me, and I looooove the green lava slime, but uhhhhh, where are the boats?

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I will be testing this shortly. I am just monitoring data used by the app while playing. Luckily my data resets tomorrow night so if it starts to use lots I can just switch it off for now.