3.73 Release Notes

Hey folks,

Version 3.73 is now available for both iOS and Android. This is a minor patch that we released to help address in-game crashes and various stability and connectivity issues. Please update to the latest version for an improved performance!


Edit, nevermind, it just appeared.

Hi my team mate downloaded new update now can’t get game to load he is iOS and up to date any suggestions

Where are the release notes? Specifically what bugs were fixed? Because I am still seeing the same bugs that I have had and reported for the last 2 months.

One of the ones specifically mentioned elsewhere was to fix 32-bit iOS devices not being able to play in Atlas, not sure about the others.

See DragonPunch’s reply; I mixed up timing :zipper_mouth_face:

Please have your team mate write an email in to Support. They’ll need to provide our Support team details about their account and device to troubleshoot.

Patches like these are more back-end related to address crashes and connectivity issues. Our team is still aware of all the bugs in the game, and they’re all still on the to-do list. Feel free to PM me about your specific issue and I’ll try to see what the status is for that particular bug.

We’re hoping to have a fix for users on 32-bit iOS devices in a future update. We’re aiming for our next major update (perhaps 3.80).