3.74 update plea


I don’t know how much control y’all have over this but if at all possible do not release today’s update during the last hour of a round. That time is what decides who wins and who goes home. Releasing during that 15 minute intermission would be ideal, or even the first hour of event, just not the last hour. Thanks for trying to fix stuff :cowboy_hat_face:

@PGJared, @PGDave, @PGEggToken


i think that depends on Apple I think? They have to check it first and then release it when their process for releasing update is complete.

PG might be able to add notes what time it can be released, but i don’t know.


This is unfortunately not something I have control over.


Thought that might be the case. Thanks for responding.


Or how about waiting until end of event? What’s the rush?


There is a very simple solution to this problem. Go to Google Play and turn OFF auto updates. Then play till your hearts content and then go install the update during the 15 minute intermission. If you get all of your team mates to do the same, then you wont have any problems with “player has a newer version so you cant join their attack” errors because you will all still be playing on the older version until the intermission. It even has the side benefit that some defenders wont be able to join and defend against you because their version is different.

However you do need to install the new version within a few hours - say 12 at the most. Eventually the server wont let you log in until you update.


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