3 dragons & 3 IFs (for 3 flames) or 1 dragon & 1 IF (for 5 flames)

I’m too lazy to do the math. Someone do it for me and tell me which is better over the long run (i.e. multiple wildfires, like 3-5 throughout the event)

Per 100 energy aka 25 normal attacks and assuming 3 IF on wildfire attack:

5F;1IF With a wild fire after the 16th: 5x125 + 3IF x 125=1000.
1000 + 5 x 250 = 7,250 with 45 flames accrued.

4F;2IF: With wild fire after the 20th:
1000 + 25 x 375 = 10,375 With 20 flames accrued.

3F;3IF: 25x500. No wildfire. 7,500 with 75 flames accrued.


I think you have an extra digit on the answer side of this equation :laughing:

Sadly I don’t have enough inner fires to do one on every run :frowning: This event is going to be a long and painful grind for points.


Fixed :+1:t3:

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OCD forcing my hand…So that we have a 3IF WildFire attack during each: Assuming WF(F)=0; Buy 100 energy when balance is 8 or more so 3IF(3F) is 27+1WF attacks, 108 Energy:

3IF(3F): 27*500 + 1000 = 14,500 points with Wildflower(Flames) reset to WF(0)

Adjust the others for 108 Energy:
2IF(4F): 11125 points with 28 Flame surplus
1IF(5F): 7750 points with 55 Flame surplus

I feel like the cost analysis should be done over the whole event, bc the frequency of the 1k wildfire bonus is going to be the deciding factor of what approach is worth it.
We should also make an assumption on IF. I only have 60 IF and I’m not planning on using all of it, but there are other people with thousands of IF and so it’s essentially unlimited this event.
I think 100 IF would be a reasonable assumption.
I also think 132 + 16 + 16 is another reasonable assumption on energy expenditure per reset.
And then there’s also a max points assumption that needs to be made. For example, if you pick the 5F1IF assumption, are you really going to be able to 5 flame against the max points people in your league (400-500 levels in my case)? Probably not so now you’re going to have to aim lower, maybe as low as 110-115 point targets.
But if with 4 flames, you get to up that pointage a Little bc now you can set and finish a base for yourself.
And then we need to add a failure rate. Let’s face it, it’s hard to stay focused for an hour of 25 attacks. You’re gonna mess up that 5 flame, lag will strike, game will crash etc.
Interesting to think about though. I thinking aiming for 5 flames on the pves and then 4 flames on the pvp/monument pve’s is the best approach if you’re limited by IF. If you’re unlimited, 3 flames with IF is simply a lot of points over 4 days.

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