3 lifetime flak type swaps

I think it’d be nice if we had the ability to swap out flak types. Maybe limit it to 3 per account to prevent abuse.

For example, I have an electro into the 50’s I’d kill to switch to IF or FF. And having recently gone to mid long, I’d like to do the same with my extra DF.

Flaks are very expensive, and AFAIK all cost the same. Thoughts?

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I think that I’d prefer a more elaborate scheme that would be all encompassing across tower types :slight_smile:


There are two sides to that…

One should a base be set in stone as you build… I don’t believe it should. In fact I think the game on a whole would improve drastically if players were allowed to make significant changes to their base.

Two should changes if allowed be limited… again I don’t believe so. I personally would like to see players be allowed to adapt to the game, regardless of how long they have been playing. If a player used up their three changes by the time they hit level 150 they would be more likely to quit later knowing they didn’t have an opportunity to further adapt.


what I would like to see is merge towers of same type lvl x + lvl y —> lvl z ( sum of all xp of both for the new lvl of the tower ) process would cost same timers or double as the lvl of the new tower and wood or shards. this would not effect player level but fix storage towers , however there should be a limit for the lvl doing it based on xp . is it complicated lol ?

p.s : seems a dream lol I would like to merge my storage lightnings that I kept building before discovering the forums :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes, this!

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That’s true. Perhaps a better cap type would be time-based, say once a month.

I personally would like to be able to have a way for another tower to consume another tower for increase in tower level.

For example.

Lvl 50 flak (or any ember consuming tower) could be consumed for upgrade toward another ember consuming tower.
If they could come up with a way to let for example this lvl 50 tower be consumed by said lvl 75 tower and upgrade it… idk how the math would work honestly, but would see a increase in that tower level based off those resources consumed.

Same for all other tower types as well. Fire and ice shard towers being consumed for said towers and wood towers being consumed for upgrading likewise wood towers if any of those still exist :eyes:

There should deff be a cost though, you shouldnt be able to get the same exact amount of what you put in the consuming tower, should only be a portion.

At least something would be achieved for these towers that people have “messed up on”.

I personally dont have many extra towers, besides a few low levels, thanks to all these players that kept me from making those tower mistakes when I started playing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.

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There is some constraints regarding this.

  1. EXP limit.
  2. Builder limit. As players has at most 2 builders running synchronously, and one upgrade costs one builder in progress, is it fair for those not using “merge” option?
  3. Tower level limit. Need consideration on how high a merge can produce.
  4. Storage limit. As players are limited to their storage, is it fair to use more wood than what they can store at one time? Or is it fair to pay the wood in installments?

For “consuming” another towers, need more details in order not to encounter these
Still, a swap will be much simpler than merge, as it’s 1 on 1.

I think a tower Mulligan for a cost will go a long way to increasing the longevity of the game. Pun intended.


Towers, the herpes of War Dragons… They just keep giving and giving.

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