3 perches, 3 defensive riders

Ok, so i read all the topics in this category that this topic is “similar to” regarding riders and perches.

So, there’s, 3 perches. I have 2 defensive riders. 1 maxed elite gear and the other all elite gear not maxed yet. While going second time around i have gone to 4 pieces of mythic gear and basically starting a first set of mythic gear and owning 2 sets of elite, but i am finding the second rider has little to no effect.

Is it about tower count ? Or should i build a second kill and use tower ward? I’m a little lost on the purpose of all the perches.


Each perch (including the rider) covers only a certain area of towers. If you have no towers or only small towers in that area than the effect is close to zero.
The perch itself has to be at a certain level (afaik 38) to give the full buffs.

What level are you currently and what are the levels of your towers?

First perch covers island 1,2 ,3
Second perch covers island 4,5,6
Third perch covers island 7 and 8
Each perch will boost towers in their respective islands.


Also note that boosts impacting your main island or your food / wood production are not accumulative.

So if one rider has +15% research and 7% food production and another rider has +10% research and + 12% food production only the two highest values will apply

+15% research and +12% food production.

As others explained above each Perch offensive and defensive tower boosts protects only one region of your base. Map here for reference of each region and the Perch that boosts the region -

Note that the boosts from the Perch survive even if the Perch is destroyed.

As to purpose for all of the perches well I reckon one Perch should be max defence / offence ( Like Kassima or Crom ) and cover your kill island.

While another one can have the utility stuff. Like faster build time. Faster research. More production.

It’s really only the mega big players that would use a third in my opinion.

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Thanks so much everyone, this explained a lot. I’m basically short based so no real need yet for the second rider. Looks like when i complete the other 4 pieces of mythic i will have to take the 500k shards instead.

I really appreciate all of you help. Thanks Guys.

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:point_up:t2: fixed :grin:

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You can find the exact rider effectiveness (buff modifier) for each level here if you want to know exactly:

And 30 is indeed 100%.

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QQ- does construction bonus sums up or the max one is only applied?


Aah, there goes my idea of cheating the system by having 3 construction riders in end game.

Well one could wish!!

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